December 8, 2012

Rule 62

Back room book shelves.

Tonight is the first of our Holiday celebrations.  We are planning stops at a few estate sales this morning, hopefully get the truck washed, a few moments shelving books at the store, lunch, then a nap before heading out for Balboa Park’s “December Nights.”  We arrive at the park around two to get parking. The Boss of G’s museum has guaranteed us volunteer jobs that come with chairs.  Oh, hurrah.

I love doing things like “December Nights” but like being a volunteer part of things best of all. 

Next week we have a Museum Volunteer party Friday night, one of the swimmers are having a party Saturday, and Sunday is the Volunteer party at the shop.  Yes, that’s a lot of parties for a sick guy, but we have learned that we don’t have to stay the whole two or three hours.  The following week is our party on Saturday then Sunday Bee and Mikey are stopping by.  The Great Geezer can sit through these visits or G upstairs and nap.  Mikey might want a nap too.

Rule 62 applies to all holiday stuff.  “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”  We can do that.

  • Happy Hanukkah to you all.
  • Himself:  A huge difference.
  • Herself:  Books, books, and Facebook.  Nothing else.  I feel liberated.
  • Reading:  ”Rilla,” by LM Montgomery.  Very Victorian.
  • Balance:  Moments spent in the red and white living room.


    1. Busy you. I am passing on the museum party as I know so very few there. Maybe next year. Only one dinner party and then up to my son's CD release party and then later to the grandchildren for Christmas Eve.

    2. I love rule 62. I hope the shingles are subsiding. Your Christmas sounds better than I anticipate mine will be.

    3. Enjoy all the holiday festivities.....whether it is for one hour or four! Wishing you happy times.

    4. I love all photos of books on shelves, on chairs, on tables, on ...

      Rule 62 is always good to keep in mind.

    5. This does appear to be the week of parties. I have a couple that we're going to also. Have a wonderful time, Mage! And that's right, you don't have to stay the whole time.


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