December 20, 2012

Sinking Refrierators

These two videos paint a picture of what’s happening with the Costa Concordia wrecked on the coast of the tiny island Giglio .  Micoperi, an Italian wreck removal firm, and Titan, an American company, won the contract to remove this 30,000 tonne ship from this nationally protected sea bed off Italy. 

This has never been done before.  Brand new technology…and they are given only a 50% 50% chance.   On the computer, the chances are higher.  Those 400 Million should raise the Costa Concordia from the sea floor and float her away to be broken up to a dry dock in Scicily.  

The scale of the equipment, the masses of workers, have truly overwhelmed tiny Gigilio.  Then filmmakers arrive crowding the landscaping even more.  The second video, an account of the making of the video, is in itself fascinating.  And if you go to the CBS 60 Minutes site, there are two other short videos offering details not shown in the main segment.

She was a stunning ship.  With a dramatic atrium, luxurious cabins, and many comfortable dining rooms, 4000 passengers and crew traveled the world aboard her in true first class comfort. 

While you watch the videos, G and I are heading off to Lowes to view refrigerators.  Ours is 17 years old, is rusting, and suddenly stopped keeping things cold.  The old one was nothing luxurious like things on the Costa Concordia.  The new one won’t be fancy either.  But sometimes things happen to both ships and refrigerators.  I’m just glad I didn’t own the Costa Concordia.


  1. Refrigerators are so much more efficient these days, so you might save money even. It is so dangerous to have a fridge that does not keep food cold and it could have led to food poisoning...I who a currently taking a poison can comment on this. Just be sure you measure accurately.

  2. that's the problem with appliances, they just suddenly stop working and you have to replace them....hope you find one that you like....

  3. Not your first choice of a Christmas gift to yourselves but a new fridge might be a bonus in the long run.

  4. Having never been on a cruise ship except for a bon voyage party for someone else, I have no real appreciation for this sinking ship. Titanic is still the champ in my book.

    But yes, needs must. We will have our downstairs interior painted next spring, after the taxes are settled. No vacation for us.


  5. How funny that my post tomorrow is about Lowe's. I hope you find a nice deal on a new refrigerator.

    Such a shame about the Costa Concordia.


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