December 19, 2012

Sunshine and Lollypops

Ho, Ho, Ho!

What a difference a day makes. 

Wind and rain yesterday with leaves falling like sleet.  Today clear, cold skies greet my eyes, and my sense of humor lurks in the corner.  Yesterday humor had left the room.

I did deal with the “bill” from my medication mail-in-order place.  After a great argument with a poor new customer service guy who said I had to do this, that, and this too, I got a supervisor who agreed that my meds had always gone on a credit card.  Gee.

I reached the dentist too.  Thinking I would get an appointment in a few weeks to remove the orts of a root left by a previous dentist that was now imperiling a major tooth, I found myself with another dizzy spell before having that root out. 

Then I came home to make cookies.  My kids make really good cookies.  My best friend makes beautiful cookies.  I made pancakes, then I made jaw breakers.  My inexperience makes me a laughingstock in my own mind.  They tasted good tho.  I’ll cut up the chocolate chip pancakes and call them chocolate chip bars. 

This morning I feel great. 

  • Keeping all those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Bone tired after half hour at the gym Monday.  Tomorrow he will try 15 minutes.
  • Herself:  Vastly better today.  Took 2 Aleve before bed last night.
  • Reading:  Finished the latest Maisie Dobbs.
  • Balance:  Reading while watching both NCIS's.


  1. All your efforts probably raised your serotonin or something. Doing something always makes me feel better. I am disgusted with pharmas and such. What bother and the cost keep rising. Haven't tackled cookies yet. I wanted to make the ice box kind you roll out, but can't find a lo-cal recipe. Heck, maybe I'll invent one. The clock is ticking. Dianne

  2. Good for you with the mail away. My mail-in-order med place got sold to someone else and the first fill went on the credit card the next two they sent a bill. Two corrections so far, we'll see what happens next.

  3. That convinces me not to mail order my meds! I'll stick with the pharmacy at our local KMart.

  4. Sounds like an out-of-body day. You were a brave one and I hope today is much better.

  5. Glad your day began well. Mine too. I even went to exercise. Took lots of self discipline.

    Love, the picture.

  6. I had mail-in order problems too. Sent in the new written refill form early with my current address circled BOLDLY...but they sent them to the Indiana address where they are currently circling the Post Office and hopefully on their way South. Lucky I have plenty onhand because it is now 3 weeks since I sent in for the refills.

  7. Jaw breaker cookies are just meant to be dunked in something.

    Hope you're having a much better day, today.

  8. Too funny... I'm not great with cookies either. My friend is a whiz though and I always look forward to sampling hers. I'm glad everything is cleared up with the meds and such. What a pain!


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