December 2, 2012

Thinking Outside My Box

A mid-century moden Lane Chest in our front window.

I had plans for yesterday.  You know how that goes.  He did want to go to an estate sale or two.  One house I really wanted to see, so I went along happily, and planned to work on the book all afternoon.

Built in 1906, this house was cut in half in the 1940’s.  A horrible sin as far as I could see.  The owner took out the main entrance and center hall.  It was the most distinguished of homes even cut in half.  Imagine doing that to a five-acre estate on the top of Point Loma.  Took off the third floor also. 

Then home.  He said he had slept poorly the previous night so he napped.  He napped the day away, and I, thoughtless person I am, forgot to take my book project down to the first floor before he fell asleep.

So I read.  There’s really nothing you can do if HE is asleep upstairs, and you are projectless downstairs.  The new Evanovitch was entertaining, and ”Riding the Bus with my Sister” is a keeper.

Today if he wants an all afternoon nap, he doesn’t get one until I get the DC book out of the office.  I feel really sorry for bone tired, aching, immovable him.  Selfishly I want to live too.


  1. Oh, those Lane chests, or, as we called them, hope chests.

    One of my friends received one from her boyfriend for a Christmas present. Her mother immediately filled it with linens and such for her future home. (I thought the girl was supposed to collect those, not the mother...)

    Anyway, the couple broke up shortly after we finished high school, and he asked her to return the chest. She and I didn't stay in touch long -- her high class women's college vs. my state university -- and I don't know what, if anything, happened after that.

  2. Not selfish if you want to live. If you don't live you will have no self.

    David says he will never get over losing Peaches. meanwhile I am keeping him busy with yard work.

    Today, I blew all the leaves from the neighbor's tree either into the road or his yard. David says, "You are blowing leaves on Jaime's yard," and I said "Tough, they are his leaves." Dianne

  3. Hooray for books. I take one in my big bag when I have to stand in line at the post office. It's ok to have a life.


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