January 8, 2013

A Putting Away

Little things amaze me while big things are happening.  It’s going to be 67 degrees today.  Weather is a little thing, but it’s nice and warm and I feel surprised after weeks of 40’s and 50’s.  It will be back down in the 50’s here tomorrow but the big sweaty work of dismantling the Christmas stuff got done in the warmth. 

I keep a little Weather Chanel thingy on my opening page.  It tells me that Portland OR, where my daughter and granddaughter live, is going to be colder than Comptche CA, where my friends Katy and David live.  We are not even mentioning Skagway where Seedy’s lives nor discussing family and friends back east.  Oh, brrrrrr.  Our neighborhood felt just like Portland yesterday…grey, damp, and cold.

The Geezer started the first load of laundry….down in the cold of the icebox garage.  The rest of the day, I felt well enough to get it all done and on hangers.  Did I mention that I love clean sheets?  While I was up and stirring, I gathered up all the Christmas boxes and wrappings reading them for storage.  On his lunch, he took down the outside lights.  When the doors opened, the day seemed almost warm.  Imagine that.

Carrying the boxes up and down and up and down left us dripping in sweat.  Just the act of putting the boxes in the attic left us knowing we aren’t quite recovered.  These weeks of being sick have left us limp and shakey, we both admitted this.  More vitamins here.  I’m still coughing though, darn it.  We will see how I feel Friday, but he’s back at the gym again….no matter the weather.

I did love this year’s tree. 


  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.  Keeping Tornado in my prayers.

  • Himself:  ”Still got a cold, but we are doing ok.”

  • Herself:  ”Sinus’s are vastly better”….cough, cough.  The house is pretty tidy tho.

  • Reading:  Finished the Jenn McKinlay library mystery.  Well crafted but lite.  Tho heroines that think they can do it better than ditzy cops bore me, the characterizations are well drawn here.  Besides, I like libraries.  Now beginning to reread McCullough’s volume “The Path Between the Seas” on the Panama Canal.

  • Balance:  Taking photos at the store a day early ‘cause there will be training tomorrow.


    1. Glad you had a nice day even though you were working so hard to get things put away and tidied up.

    2. Have you read McCullough's book about the Brooklyn Bridge? It was the first of his books I found, and it answered all sorts of questions I had had over the years.

    3. Yes, and it was really interesting. :)

    4. I really love some of those little ornaments like the locomotive engine. Now that I have a small artificial tree I can buy small ornaments and know they will fit.

      Books...still working on the LBJ book. Got through the 1959-60 primary today. Boy, Bobby was clever and ruthless too. Scary guy.

      On the other hand, LBJ was of the "old" school who didn't realize caucuses mattered. Kinda like the Obama vs Hillary matchup.


    5. Your tree was lovely. I do hope you will both be feeling better soon. Warm wishes for the new year from County Antrim.

    6. Please take good care of yourself. There are so many people sick these days. I just wrote a post about that which will pop up in a few days.


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