January 27, 2013

A Wonderful Day

String Quilt, cotton and rayon, 1920’s, Mingei Museum.

He had a wonderful day yesterday.  Notes and cards from all over arrived on Facebook and our inbox.  Work was a pleasure as not only three other docents showed up to help when before he worked alone on Saturday afternoons, but one man came who was making a duplicate of one of the trucks.  It must have been a fascinating conversation. 

We dressed up a bit, we do clean up well in our old age, and headed downtown to Donovan’s where he painfully ate way too much while loving every bite of mac and cheese, bread and butter, 16 oz rib eye, veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, and crème brulee for 83 whopping WW points.  Pictures to follow.

“Doesn’t get any better,” he told me.  “No wonder we never lost weight.”

Next week, his days will be spent scattered throughout the county as he trains his replacement.  He’s been promoted.  Did I tell you that I was awfully proud of him.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  He did have a wonderful time last night.
  • Herself:  Chopped salad, bread and butter, two tiny filets, potatoes, veggies, and fudge….that was a high calorie surprise.  I ate all of it.  53 points.  Writing workshop:  The money has been found to reinstate the Tuesday workshop.  Oh, how truly wonderful.
  • Reading:  Galbraith’s “Name Dropping.”
  • Template:  Here I use a smaller, almost square, screen.  I've designed my blog to balance in this space tho I am aware that monitors now come rectangular.  As a result, on Blogger the bigger pictures don't fit right, and the top banner looks way too small.  I apologize.
  • Balance:  Reading in the greyness of the day.


    1. Sounds like he had quite a birthday.

    2. At least you have centered your banner. Tonight we have a roasted turkey breast with stuffing. Not sure how many points that is, but I hate weight loss attempts!

    3. Oh, his birthday meal was the best I have had in ages. Can't wait for the photos. Decades ago (half a century actually) I weighed under 110 pounds and could eat a meal of that substance and more.

      Now I enjoy the photos and descriptions of fellow bloggers. And darn it! My keyboard is newly clean. When you post those pix I will probably drool all over my keyboard!

      Congratulations to Himself on the promotion and to both on your continuing ability to "clean up well" and strut your stuff!

    4. That sounds like the type of meal David would like. Aren't most men that way? Lol. Congrats on his being promoted. Way to go!

    5. That does sound like a wonderful day! And now you've made me hungry. ;)

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. It is nice to "meet" you!

    6. That is a really wonderful, delicious sounding birthday dinner. Yummm... I love creme brulee. Congratulations on his promotion. What happy news!

    7. Congrats on the promotion and the meal sounded wonderful.

    8. A belated Happy Birthday to G! That meal was something else. No wonder he lost weight; it took lots of calories just to carry it around inside his tummy!


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