January 21, 2013

Always Balance

Salt mountain at the South Bay Salt Works.

We took another long ride yesterday.  We drove south into the sun along the bay.  Most days, the G and I have good days….but we talk of nothing serious.  Yesterday I poked a bit hoping for a deeper conversation.  Hope is always good.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Feeling pretty good.  Working today.
  • Herself:  The gym is open,  Sticking to our points limit pretty good…encluding the slice of cake on Friday.  Awfully hungry after dinners.
  • Reading:  Neither G nor I could figure how to make the books on the free library download for borrowing.  A little frustrating.
  • Balance:  Warmer days, communication, swimming in a warm pool.

    1. Awesome photo. I wonder why the wind doesn't blow the salt away.

    2. I have downloaded a few free books to my Kindle. Old classics. I don't know about computer downloads but keep at it. Deep conversations...I usually avoid those with my husband but have not trouble talking about those things with strangers!

    3. Now that is something we don't see in Hawaii. We sure needed it in Illinois though.

    4. Men are a bit rubbish at deep converstions I find.
      We could do with some of that salt to melt the ice.


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