January 30, 2013

Apologies Today

An image from the African American Quilt Show at the Mingei Museum.

Had a great day talking with Bee about art then rewriting two newer pieces.  The one on Hitler’s book was fleshed out, and the other, on the Submarine Pens, now reads well despite me. 

Pulled a lot of books about watercolor technique out, enjoyed them, and devolved to a new romance.  Yup, shoot me at sunrise.  Then himself came home early, and we had a grand evening holding hands over both NCIS’s.  How about less terrorism in LA and more Navy? 

I missed yesterday’s shop meeting and have to be apologetic today.  How did I forget it?  Books today.


  1. Books, books and more books. I am totally mad. Dianne

  2. Another fetching quilt.

    I tried to go without the word verification measure. Within a couple of days, the spammer robots or whatever had found me again. Argggggghhhhh! Hope it is better for you!

  3. I love the holding hands part. :-)


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