January 10, 2013

At Work

A Thousand items from a defunct scrapbooking store.  The small boxes to the left are all books.Thank you for donating to the discovery shop.

A collection of us went in early for training yesterday.  I hadn’t known The American Cancer Society offered a shuttle service to those with cancer who need rides to their appointments.  A wonderful idea.  Many service organizations offer rides to patients like taking veterans up to the VA.  It’s a winner of an idea….but we have no drivers here. 

I agreed that we needed training to know this service was there.  The people in charge are hoping the Discovery shop volunteers will mention this and perhaps volunteer, “Even for an hour.”  Yes, I’ll help recruit drivers, but I don’t think I would make an empathetic listener much less a good driver for a cancer patient.

I almost T-boned a couple of kids who cut across my bow in the CVS parking lot day before yesterday.  I didn't shake my fist at them, but I did say a  number of unprintable words.  I’m still uncomfortable behind the wheel because of this.  Anti Lock brakes don’t stop you on a dime they sort of gently stop you on a two dollar bill.  They had a little Toyota and I was driving a full sized Chevy pickup.  I would have been at fault…as I would have hit them, and the crash would have totaled both vehicles.

Nope, I’d be a far, far better person in the back room.  The boss, who is a darling, avant-garde, very stylish 30 year old, knows how to market her donations.  We received a giant collection of small things from a defunct scrapbook store.  She suggested we could price them all.  So Bill and I ignored our real jobs yesterday to price and package everything readying it all for sale along with many boxes of frames later this month. 

Not one book got shelved nor did any book shelves get straightened. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Not coughing and has a returned sense of humor today.  Maybe 12 years old.
  • Herself:  The infection is gone, but there is still pressure in the one sinus.  Looking for watercolor classes now.
  • Reading:  Nothing….imagine that.
  • Balance:  Feeling a little odd today…incomplete.

    1. The driving service is a wonderful idea!

    2. I had someone turn left in front of 3 oncoming lanes last week...and I was in the lane to the right...We all had good brakes!

    3. I am terrible driver, too, especially at night.

    4. Do we run on similar tracks?

      1. Driving is an issue for me these days; Cancer on my mind owing to the recent death of my dog groomer from breast cancer;

      2. Notice in paper this AM concerning local talk on the differences between Chinese and western watercoloring...you would love...at a the former Lorton prison, now called "The Workhouse" (doncha love the name?);

      Something else but I'm having a senior moment. Dianne


    5. Love the dime/two dollar bill analogy. RYN...these are long ago acquaintances...not long ago friends, therefore, in many there is not lost love.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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