January 2, 2013

By The Bay....

Top: Stern view of Roman Abramovich’s yacht Luna; Middle: Supply ship/tug Oberon; Following two: Attessa IV;  Bottom: The Marriot and Convention Center along the bay.

After two really good meetings…and a couple of chocolate chip cookies, we headed down hill toward the bay.  I’d hoped to get one good overall shot that featured the bay and Point Loma to its tip, instead, unable to find the right angle, we kept on down to the water.

We rejoined the Maritime Museum.  Our membership wasn’t quite out of date, but they had begun sending us reminders.  Heading south, we found yachts instead of the Point. 

First we caught a stern view of the Abramovich yacht Luna.  The Luna was designed as an expedition ship, and one of her last ports of call was in Alaska.  Moving down the bay we found the Oberon.  Many of the off shore supply ships are now being designed with straight or outward curved bows.  The Oberon was built in 2009, and she has been tied up in San Diego since June. 

Finally behind layers of fencing, we found Dennis Washington’s Attessa IV. 

What a delightful way to spend an hour or so in the sunshine.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Cold better and shingles are numb.  Back to the Gym and work today.
  • Herself:  Back to semi better foods and off to help with inventory at the store.
  • Reading:  All the President’s Men.  Just as horrifying now as it was while they uncovered it all.
  • Balance:  Meditation.


    1. Truly delightful! I went book sailing (sale-ing) with my sister.

    2. Nice pictures. Traveling somewhere by ship was always something I thought I would do. Didn't happen.

      I don't think I could read All the Present's Men. It was so horrific as it unraveled -- how could Americans do such a thing -- and I would hate to relive it, knowing what we all learned later.

    3. I will never forget a stunning yacht that we saw in Venice many years ago. I like that site on the Internet where you can follow big ships all around.

    4. Beautiful shots of those huge boats, the blue skies and the water. What a lovely way to start your year.

    5. Thanks for the Robert Crais suggestion. Love being pointed at what I've missed.

      Such blue, blue skies in those photos. Yum.

    6. Indeed a lovely way to spend time.
      I can't help feeling thet during the'cold war' the Luna would have been viewed with the greatest suspicion. Have we moved on from there?

    7. you are a fast reader. I poke along and do things all day. Reading about Grant in my Lincoln book. A good read with lots of action by a former sports writer.

      Got to get down to our river bank and see what is tied up here. Skies blue today. Dianne


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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