January 23, 2013


Above:  Sea Level view across the south end of the bay, over Coronado Island to Point Loma.  Flat, and if you didn’t live here, how would you know what’s what.  Middle:  Even slightly elevated, the camera sees the Coronado golf course over the Navy Seabee base to the Mexican owned islands as almost flat.  Bottom:  You can see the flatness of the land extends over the miles of ship works, over National City and Chula Vista out to the first of the small mountains to the left.  I climbed that small mountain when I was a kid….to the bump next to the top.


Yesterday, I was flat too.  Probably it was the change in hormones that left me uninspired and unenthused.  We lay down for a brief nap.  He didn’t wake me up when he got up after an hour.  After two hours, I suddenly realized that I was still baking with the sun on my back.

Dinner was good.  I’ve been making an extra effort with the Weight Watchers veggies so we have what Joan used to call “tasty” dinners.  Simply baked veggies for the entre, and fancier veggies on the side, and salads as desert.  Saturday we are going out to the Geezer’s favorite steak house and blowing all our extra points on one meal. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Off to the gym, work, and WW meeting.  His IRA has finally made up the losses it incurred after the market crash.
  • Herself:  Work, where I am the pricer today….which always makes me nervous, dinner, and a WW meeting.
  • Reading:  Finishing the book about Obits.
  • Balance:  Not taking a nap.


    1. Mage, if these photos and text are part of your "plowing on," please keep them as part of your plowing on. My travel via your blog is satisfying sans the exhaustion that accompanies my in-person travel.

      Good work on the WW efforts.

    2. Thanks for the information. I am now hungry for the perfect baked potato....the grocery store is calling my name.

    3. Sounds like you are getting into veggies big time. That is my weakness. Some days i just have a sweet potato for lunch. Blow my extra points on breakfast. Dianne

    4. I keep trying to become a vegan but I can certainly understand blowing it all. But I worry about what we are really being fed when we eat meat.

    5. We do eat a lot of veggies. I think it keeps us pretty healthy and it's gotten so we prefer it. We rarely eat meat now.

    6. So happy to see you keeping on. I have had you in my mind all these many months as I disconnected. Your pictures are always an inspiration. Much love across the miles.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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