January 28, 2013


Slowly I readjust to a busier life.  I’m back to swimming every morning.  The watercolors are laid out on a small rolling table we found yesterday at an estate sale.  Weight Watcher’s takes time to plan the meals and shop.  We have to do this to retain our health.  There will still be two half days playing at the Discovery Shop and posting pictures on the Facebook page.  Then too, I became aware that I haven’t written one thing of any value for the last year plus some.  Just adding the one class to my life adds time complications I hadn’t planned. 

You know….don’t laugh, it doesn’t matter.  I’ve been bored.

G begins training his auditor replacement this week as he also continues training another person to do subrogations.  He will be home today, but parts of this week he will be commuting to the home office.  No time to gym.  WW frozen dinners for him.  And too, I know this man, he will vanish into these new subrogations until he is comfortable with what he is doing.  I told him that I would miss him. 

Later this year, I will fit a new hip and physical therapy into this jigsaw I call life.

I've been a fan of Martin Sheen's work for years, and these are special moments spent listening to him at the New School, Inside the Actor's Studio.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Gym.  Last day as Auditor.  Gas up Grumpy at Costco.

  • Herself:  Finding my water bowl.  Digging out topics for next week, looking at old stuff, and finding new.

  • Reading:  A little mystery, a little Galbraith.

  • Balance:  Warmth on this cool dry day.

    1. Congrats again on the promotion. And subrogation...I loved subrogation...
      Good luck with the WW plans...you two stay so busy that I feel ashamed for my lazy days.

    2. Sounds like a good plan. Keep grinning!

    3. Love the quilts. Maybe some day I'll make another one. Also love the bookcase picture. Did I misread something? What does Facebook have to do with bookcases?

    4. I still admire your self-discipline on maintaining your schedules. I am blaming my laziness on new medication, but that is really just how I respond in cold gray weather. Water dish? for water colors?

    5. "This jigsaw I call life." What a wonderful image. And the quilt was such an apt intro to the observations on the pieces of your life.

    6. Boy you are right about WW. Planning. I have to confess, I cheat and buy those prepared meals. We don't eat them every day, but they make a nice lunch. Also the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice items have points on the box.

    7. Always a smile here, Mage. Even in the busiest of times.

    8. Just read your note. Interesting comment about Trader Joe's. I would make more money as an assistant manager there than I do running the museum. I did a little research into their pay scale. It would be a LOT less work for me and I would probably have more fun. A manager makes double what I do.

    9. I enjoy the actor's studio interviews very much. I missed this one with Martin Sheen though.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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