January 31, 2013

Making Way....

Another kind of quilt.  2002.

Imagine, my overflowing bookshelves are bare today.  Joan got everything priced, and I got everything shelved.  Books from two months ago went to Father Joes.  There are even bare shelves out in the store.  Perhaps I can fill them with children’s books.  Kiddy Lit; we do have a lot of that.

With 25% off everything through Sunday on Superbowl day, we are going to be a bit bare next week.  That’ll make way for the new. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Home in the morning; office in the afternoon.
  • Herself:  Stocked up on frozen WW meals.
  • Reading:  A veterinary romance, and I can’t remember the name.
  • Template:  Got February ready to  go.
  • Balance:  Got so much done yesterday.  Makes me feel good.


    1. Just noticed new photo on your profile. I. Like it. Lookin good over there in SD!

    2. I remember taking kiddie lit in college. Been hooked ever since! Ramona Quimby!

    3. Accomplishment offers such satisfaction. That non-profit resale shop that you invest yourself in is certainly vibrant and well run. One here discounts clothing regularly. Books, even paperbacks start out pretty expensive for used, even kindly used and stay expensive.

      The shelves are bulging. Since the books are all donated, it seems they could discount, clear them out some and build a following instead of driving the budget conscious to the library's free paperbook swap shelves. Oops, I started out positive and wound up venting a pre-Kindle pet peeve!

    4. Speaking of kiddie lit....read an essay this AM on the author of Good Night Moon, last name Brown, aka Brownie to her friends. Apparently, she was very strange. Put lots of bunnies in her kid books hunted them in real life. A bunny-killer, in other words. Dianne

      PS yes, I signed up for the A&C seminar. Such fun!!

    5. Glad you have empty book shelves...I bet you will get a new donation or two next month and will have even more fun organizing them

    6. Sigh... Makes me wish I could get myself over there.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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