January 4, 2013

Moving on Up

This photo taken during the 2007 window replacement, but that’s what they are going to do again.

Quieter Home inspectors are stopping by today between 0930 and 1230.  I’ll be gone, you know this, but the boss will be here.  I think I have written all about this before, but I will happily tell you again…..The Quieter Home program means we get triple paned windows and doors, heat, and air.  Yes!

Yes, too, prop engined aircraft vibrated everything and were very noisy, but the Stage 1 jets blew all in the flight path out of the water.  I’ve lived under the flight path downtown on First Avenue when all one could do was pause, or even cover your ears, as the aircraft landed or took off over you.  On this end, those early jets froze you in place.  It became a joke if I were talking with Lenora.  I’d have to stop talking as the plane went over me, and then she would have to stop talking until the plane was well out to sea. 

The Port District taxed flyers, and turned that tax into well insulated windows, doors, then heat and air so we here could seal ourselves away from the noise.  In trade, if an aircraft were to land on our heads, we could not sue. 

I’m living with G who has wonderful luck.  No aircraft would dare land on his head, so we signed up for these new and magic luxuries like heat.  I know they assume we will now live in cocooned isolation never opening doors or windows.  But, since this program was invented, airplanes have improved.  Stage two planes morphed into stage three, so now even the biggest craft no longer sound like the morning jet to Moscow. 

They will be here today to measure, to tell us what furniture must be moved, what rooms they will be working in first, and to show us what ceilings will be lowered to hold the units.  We won’t tell them when they are here today that we will continue to open our doors and windows year round to that wonderful world outside our condo. 

I will find out all the horrific details when I get home from work.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  ”Feeling ok.  Every day is a little bit better.”  At the gym for the second time this week.  

  • Herself:  Waited all day for the doc, got the antibiotics…now on second day.  Improvement.  Printed out the will, wrote the kids about what I really want to happen, and fixed a really nice veggie dinner.  The squashes this year are wonderful.

  • Reading:  Still reading Bernstein and Woodward.  It continues to amaze me tho it’s rather clinically written.

  • Balance: 


    1. I envy you. Triple pane windows are on my wish list, but it will never happen. I guess I can't have everything.

    2. We have double-paned which we paid big bucks for. We never seem lucky enough to be on the free end of a deal. I have fighter jets and cargo planes flying over my head, but they are rare and not very noisy. So if they fall you cannot sue...would you really want to?

    3. It's going to be great! And you are right, nothing would DARE fall on Geezer's head!

    4. I should work on instructions for the kids for when we're gone too. I'm so glad G is feeling a little better. My mother says until you've had shingles you don't understand what that pain is like.

    5. I'm so happy for both of you that you will get some nice improvements and still be able to enjoy the open windows when you wish.
      Good news on the plans of what will go to whom....may I suggest that you also make a copy and have it notarized to keep in a lockbox of some sort?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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