January 7, 2013


La Jolla Glider Port, January 2013.

  • So I went and bought the teapot.  There it was, right where I had photographed it.  I got it home and discovered that the lid had been glued on….that kind of soft glue that one can ball up and remove with persistence.  I was persistent, and with certain lid care, it will pour two cups of nice hot tea on our cold rainy afternoons.

  • There are years here when we seem to have no rain at all.  Then, like this year, storm after storm roll through leaving our roads tangled and our souls damp.  In the brief break between storms, we took a photo drive this weekend.  Last time we drove south, this time we headed north stopping where ever our humor found us.  The Geezer has posted a good overview of the places we photographed.  From me, you will have to suffer through one rainless photos a day for a while.

  • And it did rain, great pounding showers for a while yesterday.  I huddled in the office with the Geezer while he played games.  Huddled after lunch too when I fell asleep at the computer neck-breakingly for about an hour and a half.  No move to the bedroom as it was like ice.  The Geezer announced I snored.  I didn’t appreciate any of it and would rather have been woken up.

  • We are mildly weight watchering again.  I’m not logging the foods, and only today have I finished the antibiotics which will keep working for ten more days.  The pain and pressure from those sinuses seem less, so maybe later this week I can venture out into public…like meetings with less coughing or nose blowing.  Consumer Reports says that WW is not the best weight loss program, but it does work vastly better if one goes to the meetings.  We need to get off our sick asses and just go.

    • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  I asked, he replied that everything is getting better slowly.
  • Herself:  Planned menus, bought foods, and am eating what ever he decides to cook.  A little abstractions after my unexpected nap.
  • Reading:  Still “Books Can Be Deceiving,” Jenn McKinlay.
  • Balance:  Shower, posting this, and laundry.

    1. Lovely day despite the rain. Glad the teapot came unstuck. Probably "glued" to protect it from theft and/or breakage. Clever. Dianne

    2. Yes the teapot has a lovely patina.
      I have a life time memebership of WW. Haven't been for years but - like yoga always keep it in the back of my mind.
      Their chocolate eclairs are delish:)

    3. I just realized that I did not know the Geezer had his own blog???

    4. I had a sleepy day too. Only I was prone.

    5. So glad you got the teapot. Raining here too today. It encourages naps.

    6. Good reads for me is a way to plug a book I have enjoyed. Occasionally I write a "pan" too, but rarely. I am pretty skilled at choosing books I will like.

      So G wins all his Solitaire games? Good for him. He must have good luck too because if the cards fall the wrong way the puzzle is hard to work. Dianne

    7. Glad to know you are recovering from your cold and that the antibiotics are working.

    8. when I come to visit you have to serve tea in that pot.

    9. Oh yae! I'm so glad you decided to get the teapot. It's lovely!

      We are really getting inundated with rain and buffeted by gale force winds that would feel at home in Chicago.


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