January 24, 2013


No long naps yesterday.  I played with images, priced things at work, and fixed a really good but lite dinner.  Leftover pho…which had leftover lemon chicken in it, leftover tossed veggie salad, and half a baked potato.  I confess that the portions were huge as I was trying to consume leftovers.

“It’s ok to throw food away.” 

Boy, that’s hard to say.  We of the WWII generation raised by the Depression generation find that almost impossible to do much less say.

We both lost weight at our weekly WW meeting.  If Consumer Reports tells me that we will lose weight better if we go to meetings, we will go to meetings.  I’m trying not to think beyond the moment.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.  Cheering on ThomaS.
  • Himself:  He had a good day.
  • Herself:  Feeling really well this week.
  • Reading:  Nothing new, and tonight is “Project Runway” which we both love.
  • Balance:  Pulling out my watercolors and paper.


    1. Yes, it's hard to throw food away. It also goes against our nature to buy a small amount rathr than bulk, so that we have less to throw away. Meanwhile, I have no room in my freezer or fridge because I am no longer in charge... Mph!

      I dislike this particular filter, but I'd rather help spare you the spam.

    2. Kudos to both of you for losing weight. On my last visit, my doctor asked how I had lost 16 lbs since the summer. I told him I had not joined a diet plan, but that I simply had no appetite and had been skipping meals.

    3. Just a few days on this. I hate it too, but suddenly I've been getting a lot of spam. Mea Culpa.

    4. All your readers who have encountered that sudden flood of continuos comments by some automated software program will sympathize, even as they grumble when trying toget those squished letters right.

      Even though Blogger filters spam, I was concerned that it was so heavythat I thought it might bes causing the slow down that was occurring with my posting about the same time.

      As soon as I activated mine the spam comments were no more.

    5. Does Blogger Spam make you fat>? I think that is my probem, and I do hate word verification with a passion!

    6. I hate to through out leftovers too. Keep thinking of the money it cost to buy it, the work to prepare it and of course, the odd combinations to use it up! LOL

    7. THROW OUT.....How could I have not seen that error before I hit "submit". Man oh Man!

    8. It's been a few days. We will see.


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