January 5, 2013


These cold mornings and colder afternoons inspire a cup of tea.  This pot came into the shop this week, and I was sorely tempted to buy it.  Perhaps it was the glaze that mesmerized me.  Maybe the simplicity.

My goal this week is to keep simplifying.  I sent a note to each child explaining the new will.  Would they please sign a copy and send it back….then I would know they got it.

Talking with Lessa this morning, she asked, “What about the stuff?’

“What stuff,” I asked back my head still plugged with the cold.

“The clock, the chairs…that sort of thing.”

“The will is going to give everything to George,” I said.  “When he dies, you two get to split everything.  You had wanted to fight over everything.  That’s what you told me.”

I didn’t mention the condo. 

Really simple.  If G dies first, I will make another will.  If I die first, give it all to G.

I didn’t say that they would also get G’s family things.  But they will.  I asked him.  He replied that he “has family here now.”  I was very touched.

Then again, life is all about changes.  If you want me, I will be curled up with a new book and a cup of tea….after I get rid of a bunch of stuff from the kitchen.  Simplifying.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Still a little coldish, his head is feeling vastly better too.
  • Herself:  Still plugged up but not in agony any more.
  • Reading:  Just starting “Books Can Be Deceiving,” Jenn McKinlay.
  • Updates:  Mikey isn’t a good candidate for radiation right now.  Bee sounds much relieved.
  • Balance:  Grocery shopping for the week in my neighborhood grocery store that used to be a supermarket in the 1950’s.
  • Tornado:  Her son died.  Please stop by her blog and send her your prayers.


    1. We have the same dillemma. Got wills now that leave everything to each other and then mostly my children. I want to take his kids out completely, so I am going to get my will redrafted, probably soon. The land the house sits on is the only thing of value. Dianne

    2. What a beautiful teapot. If I was a collector, I would collect teapots and that would be my prize.

    3. I can see why you would be tempted by that teapot. It's an art piece. Thank goodness I don't work at your shop. I wouldn't be able to resist anything.

    4. Sounds like an important and trying time in your life right now. You are handling it with aplomb and must be proud of your strength and growth doing this.

    5. Glad you managed to work out a simple will. It's important. Hope you get over your cold soon.

    6. Good for you - taking care of business like this. Hats off. FYI, I cannot comment with my phone anymore. DANG!

    7. That's a beautiful teapot...I would have to buy it just....because. Because it is so beautiful and simple and awesome. Good idea on the wills...reminds me that we need to update our list of burial choices...we have the will, we have the living wills...just need to refine the final resting choices....

    8. What a great teapot! Good to update your wills. I need to do that too. And the living will as well. End of year work, could be eased by tea out of that pot!

    9. Oddly enough - just last week up in the attic I came across a large envelope to be opened on my demise. A quick glance through made me realise I wrote it at least 20 years ago - our actual wills are over 30 years old and everything is out of date and needs sorting.
      Maybe next week!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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