January 26, 2013



There are those days when interests drive out the best laid routines. 

Smiling, I managed to retain the words, Borrego Modern, with the Great Geezer’s birthday help of course, Long enough to access the site.  Borrego Springs is going to have a house tour.  I won’t be on it, but I can access the buildings and architects thanks to this wonderful site.

Facebook’s The-BookCase Project always whets my imagination.   They say,  “CP is a resource site for articles on how technology is having an impact on hardback books, on bookshops, and on the publishing industry. English Language media throughout the globe is monitored every day for these articles and posted on the site.”  Usually they devolve to show acres of bookcases, but those bookcases charm me.

I’ll read Ronni’s pages later.  She’s usually amusing on Saturdays.  I work my way down my blog list from there encouraging my other friends to do the same.  Look, Ruthie’s heading to Japan again.  Tabor and Hillary are heading into spring…you don’t want to miss that.  What’s Kay up to now?  What are you doing on this cold rainy day?


  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  It’s raining.  He’s driving.  Estatesaling we go, work for him, dinner out.
  • Herself:  Need to cut my hair and follow G around on his birthday.
  • Reading:  Yesterday’s book.
  • Balance:  Taking better care of myself with toes and hair, and cough.

    1. Now I have decided you must come out again and help me do my walls. My art work is not as fine as yours but I have lots of folk art, batik, acrylics, wood carvings that sit in boxes. And then there are all my photographs to hang.

    2. I just love your bookcases! And a grand birthday to the Geeze Man too!

    3. Happy Birthday Weekend...hope you both get to celebrate...loved the photos as always. Good luck at the estate sales.

    4. Your art and bookcases are enchanting. In fact, your bookcases filled with books look like are, too, to me.

    5. The weekend is almost over, and I know you both had a good one.

    6. I love...love...love your bookcase and art arrangements. I should have you give mine a makeover. Dianne

    7. Happy birthday to G! I love your bookcase and that big artwork of the flower.

      I've been having the worst time catching up with my life over here after returning from California. Too much happening at once that I can't visit to find out what everybody is up to.


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