January 25, 2013

Teamwork Ho!

For some unexplained reason, The Geezer seems to enjoy Project Runway as much as I do.  Last night we settled in at 6 pm for the long haul.  There was the ending of last season, there was the drama, the hope, the one winner when there should have been more.  There was the start of the new season introducing the 2013 designers and their work. 

You should have heard us.  Just like the worst of the judges, we nitpicked, criticized, tore apart, and mourned the loss of the first candidate.  One designer thought she was good, then hours later she discovered she was far, far behind the eight ball.  Several others had great talent, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can do.  A new judge.  I hope he is as good as the last one.  An older candidate….oh, what a dowdy piece she produced by “team.”

And it’s to be design by team this season.  In real life, much of the fashion world is teamwork focused.  Most of this group were totally against working by team. 

“Everybody does what I say.”  “I’m a team of one.”  “I’m fine working in a team as long as I am in charge.”  I laughed when I heard the designers say things like that.  We saw a few small bits of teamwork last night, but not a lot.  It’s going to be an interesting season unless they all adapt.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Feeling pretty good.  Tomorrow is his birthday.  Ahem.
  • Herself:  Yesterday: jackhammered myself into action, brought up the watercolors and pencils, bagged all the stuff for the taxes, and fixed an innovative dinner that didn’t quite work.  Today:  Woke late, skipped gym to drink my coffee and write.  Store, shopping, lite dinner.  OD seems to be just coasting while the DM is off earning a living.
  • Reading:  A new, to me, author, Susan Dunlap.  Well crafted.
  • Answers:  Yes.  Huge, three story salt mounds hidden behind grasses.  Weight:  Yes, but like me, they need to learn to eat less when they get to the move around less stage.  Yes, there are many that keep it off.  Remember my friend Marion B”  She took it off and kept it off.
  • Balance:  Listening to the rain fall on the roof.  I love it.


    1. I've taken it off and kept it off for six months. Now I want to take more off. Dianne

    2. Once again getting caught up on my favorite blogs.

      Teams -- one of the things Jerry and I have in common is that we both dislike being on teams and teamwork.

      And I need to write in block letters and post on the fridge IT'S OKAY TO THROW FOOD AWAY.

    3. Everybody I know watches that program and loves it. Unfortunately I don't have cable. Sigh .....

    4. I have it recorded and looking forward to watching it tonight. I love that show too. Working in a team can be difficult...first have to get past the egos, learn to compromise and not lose your own identity. Loved the fuschia photo.

    5. Your "new author" note had me googling dunlap. Interesting interviews and so my interest is piqued.

      Happy Bday to Himself. For the first time I noticed the Himself link. I made a brief visit to his diary and especially enjoyed how you both had different but interesting perspectives on the saltworks.

    6. Happy Birthday to that good looking dude!! You must show some of your water colors...a medium which I have never attempted. I think you watch the runway more for the way people reach a solution to their challenges and how they use each other for better or worse. I have seen the show once or twice and it is interesting if not my cup of tea.

    7. My daughter in NYC (and her partner) both enjoy that show a lot as well. We chose not to add another life drama to our tv lineup--one more would upset the balance I try hard to keep in my life. I do understand how addictive these programs can be.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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