January 22, 2013

Tid Bits

Salt flats along the far reaches of San Diego Bay.  Bay water is let in to these areas, it evaporates, and the remaining salt is  harvested.  After it is purified, it is sent up into this many year old shed then loaded on trucks.  Used mostly on back east streets, sea salt is still a viable business around the world.

Other than feeling the complete fool a few times yesterday, it was a good day.  Hiding my head in the sand was not an option.  I didn’t read the instructions on my bottle of hormone pills, and yes I still take them, and the new pharmacy didn’t give me the correct pills.  Oh, the bottle was marked.  Take half a pill, the label told me….if I had read it.  No wonder my breasts were so tender.

Do I read recipes.  Yes, but do I always follow them.  No.  Yesterday I turned cashew chicken into Pho.  I ended up making so much pho, pronounced pha, we will have more tomorrow.  At least it is very high in veggies and low in WW points.

Mikey isn’t eating.  Bee says he is channeling his mother, Rose, and he’s driving her mad.  Chemo always alters the taste of everything so nothing tastes good.  If he doesn’t eat he will die.  I suggested she have a food tasting.

I wanted to see the parade yesterday.  Just like any healthy American kid, I love parades.  I did get to see some small parts.  As usual, Army marched far better than Navy.  It gave me great pleasure to note this on an offensive father of a grandson’s Facebook page.  “Go Army,” I told him.  Then again, I am seventy one now, and perhaps I should have some curb on my juvenile reaction to things.

I had the same reaction to some of the words that Obama said in his speech.  Has any governmental personage ever mentioned Stonewall other in derision before?  His words gave me hope.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Nose still dripping.  Why didn’t he tell me before.

  • Herself:  Have been feeling very well; now I know why.

  • Reading:  I’ll pick a new book to start this morning.

  • Balance:  Feeling that yesterday’s embarrassments won’t be repeated today as I cut the pills in half.  LOL


    1. Loved the info on the salt flats.....Glad to hear that you discovered your medication error....hope the new books are interesting too.

    2. Blue blue skies...I love them. Love sea salt too. Much better than the mine salt.

      As for pho, I am off to walk the dogs after my 19 point breakfast. Don't have many points left for the rest of the day. No Pho hear. Dianne

    3. Mage, I emailed you yesterday regarding the Old Ebbitt Grill. If you have time, could you please respond?

      Be careful with your meds, as I have landed in the hospital because I did not follow doctor's orders!

    4. My mom was on hormones and she got cervical cancer and paid a year's price in treatment for that. I think it left her weak for everything else that followed...so I will not go that route for all the energy in the sunshine. Read your labels! Ok...I am done wagging the finger. I enjoyed the whole ceremony by TV and saw far more than those who saw a bit where they stood with friends.

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    6. I missed Obama's speech and I've heard other references to the Stonewall thing. I'm going to find a transcript of the speech now.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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