February 7, 2013

Bits, Bytes, and Bites

It’s Jewelry time again.

  • It’s the big jewelry event again at work, and I forgot to take photos yesterday.  My mind was on furniture yesterday as one thing we had was multiples of big wall units and even bigger desks.  Mid-day I will charge up there and get photos for our facebook page.  I didn’t think of it until I posted desk pictures late yesterday afternoon.

  • Today too, with gas at four something a gallon is the day planned to gas up grumpy.  We have his injector cleaner, but it has to be added to a partially empty tank which is then filled.  Did I mention the price of gas?

  • It’s closet time too.  Why?  I have to move out of it soon as the new upstairs heating unit will be built in to the closet ceiling rather than our bathroom ceiling.  I don’t mind moving out, but I confess that I have a mountain of clothes most of which I never have time to wear.  Working at a thrift store has given me a really top drawer wardrobe, and now I need to cut it way down.  WAY down….as I will be moving into G’s closet for the duration.  Have I worn it this year?  No?  Out it goes.  Getting rid of clothes is harder than getting rid of books.  Yes, I said that.

  • I’ve got myself into a groove with the Weight Watcher regime.  Coffee…with real sugar, veggies and a yogurt for breakfast.  Half a sandwich and a V8 or Diet Coke for lunch, and most evenings a seven point dinner with salad and a veggie.  I’m not losing the weight I thought I would, and this one point a week loss will soon stop.  The Geezer eats the same and is losing about three pounds a week.  Frankly I am discouraged.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Pleased with both his job and his weight loss.
  • Herself:  Really hobbling in the weather changes.  Swim, work, post photos, plan menus, meeting, grocery chop.  The time to call the doc has come sooner than I expected.
  • Reading:  Nothing but WW cookbooks yesterday.
  • Balance:  Quietly watching TV after the day was done next to G last night.


    1. Don't get discouraged. After 10 months I have lost 21 lbs, most of it the first 3-4 months. The weight will come off the same way it went on, one day at a time. WW is sucessful because we learn a whole new way to eat.

      David found Atkins chicken and dumplings at the store today. No points on the box like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. A brand new offering, but they better get with the point system if they want my business.

      Meanwhile I found a recipe for a skillet chicken dumplings using Bisquick to make dumplings. Put it in the WW recipe thingy and its 6 pts per serving. Good mag and this month really full of good things. Dianne.

      PS what veggie are you eating for breakfast?

    2. The mag with the recipe I referred to above is Diabetic Cooking. We are prediabetic. D~

    3. My husband also loses more weight more quickly than I do. What's up with that? Argggghhh!

      Hang in there. It sounds like you are being wonderfully creative with meals. This comes with best wishes.

    4. Compelled to comment: I gave up diet coke four years ago. It was my one and only addiction and it was pretty serious. The result was increased energy, clarity and increased ease in losing weight. I still miss it but the thought of putting that aluminum can against my lips (as I used to do many times each day) makes me cringe.

    5. I have the same experience with weight loss - my husband drops it like crazy and I am slow slow slow slow slow at losing. I am sending good thoughts your way!

    6. Cheering you on! Hope for the best!

    7. I agree with you about clothes. I have clothes I haven't worn in years, but for some reason I keep thinking I MIGHT, just MIGHT wear it again.

      It's miserable trying to lose weight. They say diet drinks don't necessarily help though because it fools you into thinking you can eat more. I'm trying to drink more water. My husband loses weight easily, but that's because he's constantly moving.


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