February 9, 2013


A lovely find.  So is the Bernina that won’t work quite right.

It was a lovely day in the pool and at work.  Everyday lately has been good.  All but one thing.  Probably because I walk less, it has become harder for me to move around.  Or the other way around.  So I sit…which of course compounds the problem. 

At work I have a comfy chair to sort books…and I did get them all priced yesterday.  When I sort, I have a tall chair and a matching stool for my wonky leg.  Both work well.  At home I have a stool for my work in the kitchen.  I can’t say I’m excited about this adaptation.  The cold weather front has not been kind to me either.  Lately, if I can’t get somewhere easily, I don’t go.

I called my GP and made an appointment.

“I think you will find a vast improvement,” the Geester said this morning.  “You’ll get your mobility back.”  And I thought he didn’t notice.

Yeah, I’m scared witless and not looking forward to the anesthetic or the nursing home.  Well then, why am I looking forward instead of staying in the now.


  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  ”Peachy Keeney.”

  • Herself:  Taking two Tylenol and go to an estate sale.  Looking forward to an art opening tonight.

  • Reading:  Nothing.

  • Balance:  Laughter works every time.


    1. Did you get a Bernina? I've had one for several years now and love it; I recently rediscovered my love for fabric art and have practically abandoned the blogging. Just can't get enthused about it. Sorry about the sluggishness, but maybe the doc can investigate the whys. Hope so.

    2. David is facing the same thing, and he has been in the nursing home twice now with hip and knee. Still working with the PT. Dianne

    3. You sounds like my sister.. although she's not had her moment of realization yet. She's have many more GOOD, comfy years if only she'd forfeit a few days.. weeks of post surgical pain for it. I'm glad you made an appointment. Hugs to you. That's a beautiful piece .. is it a screen?

    4. A good friend was in pain for years with his hip. When he had the replacement he was able to recuperate at home. He has been so glad he had it done. The pain is gone. He still can't dance. :) Good luck! I think you'll be happy you did it.

    5. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this pain. It will be over soon and you'll be better for it.


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