February 25, 2013


Above: 1995…the year before we married.  Below: 2008 at Pizza Nova.

We both forgot, I confess.  Neither of us have been looking at the calendar.  We didn’t remember.  We missed Lessa’s birthday saving our reputations only by driving up there gift in hand.  Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  G saved it by running upstairs late in the afternoon, and returning with a saved gift. 

Frankly, I was a lump of forgetfulness.

We celebrated the day we met for our first 12 years together. 1983…now 30 years ago in May.  The only reason we married was that I no longer received free medical insurance.  If we married, I would have insurance through the Geezer’s job.  So  unromantic.

It was serendipity that we went out to dinner and a really good movie with friends Saturday.  It was a perfect celebration of an anniversary if we had but known.  We laughed at ourselves, rather wryly, last night.  Perhaps next year one of us will look at the carefully limned lines of dates.  Katy: Birthday.  Nathan: Birthday.  Lessa: Birthday.  Chalandra: Birthday.  Mikey: Birthday.  Us: Anniversary:  1996.

  • Still keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Gym, work, being a good guy.
  • Herself:  Scared of doctor stuff alone this morning.  Oh, well.
  • Reading:  Forth volume in the Suisa series by Moon.
  • Balance:  Dinner at the Brigantine and the movie “Quartet.”  Great movie.

    1. My husband is always mad at me because I routinely forget our wedding anniversary...but we have been married 44 years...I think?

    2. Happy anniversary, you two still have such great smiles.

    3. Congratulations, lovely before and after photos. We have 31 years in August. I sometimes have to ask David which day. We still have separate everything.

      We could have simply lived together, but middle class mores forbid. Doesn't matter to me anymore. Nice to have access to the other person if one is ill, however.

      He found two older guys at the meeting yesterday, both with more time (40 and 36 years) than he has (34 years)Dianne

    4. Happy anniversary! I currently use Google Calendar to remind me of special dates, because my automatic memory doesn't work as well as it used to.

      And I almost forgot, my oldest cousin turns 93 today! Thanks, Mage.

    5. So glad you had a great, although unintentional, anniversary evening. Your photos capture your shared ability to savor life.

    6. No harm in being forgetful every now and then.. but both of your faces tell me that you remember why you're together. Lovely pic.

    7. I'm back in the blogging world after a break. Check out my post for today, you'll find it interesting.

      I think you look great. Who woul know you're clueless! Love your attitude about marriage. Marriage can really complicate things but there are times when it's necessary.

    8. Gifts or not, remembering or not, you two always look so happy together. Give yourself a break and celebrate your 1/2 year anniversary in August.

    9. Happy anniversary! You two look great.

    10. There are a lot of people marrying for the insurance these days. My dad did. The "seniors shotgun wedding" he and his wife called it.
      You two are lookin' good! Stay happy!

    11. We forget our anniversaries all the time. We'd forget our birthdays too if the kids didn't call.
      Congratulations on your happy anniversary. I love seeing the photos of the both of you looking so beautifully happy.

    12. Ditto what most everyone else said. I've always said at the core of every good marriage are two best friends who decided to make it legal--for whatever reason. Thanks for the nod to Quartet. I'm looking forward to it.


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