February 20, 2013


  • I had in mind several little happy things to post this morning, but I seem to have forgotten the details.  Hope you don’t mind the broad outlines of life instead.
  • I get to play with books this morning.  I mean, what more could I want.  At least I haven’t forgotten that.
  • Speaking of books, my friend Kay, whose notes you see here sometimes, has just had a book signing for her latest book, "Logging Railroads of Humboldt & Mendocino Counties" by Arcadia Publishing.  Obtainable from independent bookstores and the publishers website.
  • Friend Captain Poolie has been on TV two early mornings in a row talking about the Low Rider show.  Great show, and she’s so brave to get up at that really early hour to talk for so few moments.  Bravo.
  • Yesterday, my little four page piece on Comic Con went over really well at the workshop.  Comments like, “You really took us there,” or, “Now I want to go,” were wonderful feedback after the almost silence from the last of Nazi series pieces.  I took color photos with me too.
  • Daughter Lessa has readied her first resume.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of her.  I forgot to suggest that she run it by her school counselor plus add her name and address.
  • The Great Geezer took some truly foul smelling stuff to the pocket door rollers, and the darned thing opens and closes really easily for the very first time.  That door is at the heart of the way we live in the winter.  To open it with ease is such a treat.
  • Cold and Rain and Strong Winds.  That’s the weather here.  Snow inland.  I’ve been waiting with trepidation for the “Quieter Home Program” folks to come disrupt our lives with dust and noise.  Now I am looking forward to heat and triple pained windows.
  • Speaking of wind.  Nope, not swimming in 45 degree winds this morning….before the wind chill factor.  Enough is enough.
  • Best of all, Fewer headaches now that I raised my height in the office chair by one more pillow.  Yes, Monday is the doctor’s appointment.  I’d better make a list…and check it twice.  Isn’t there a song in there somewhere?


  1. Pillows and headaches...what an interesting solution. It was how your were sitting or holding your head? I love that our museums are free. Free libraries, free museums, free education...now we just need a free Internet to level the playing field for those trying to get ahead.

  2. Kudos on the raising level helping with the aches and pains. And I hope you found oodles of books to read while you were sorting.

  3. Sometimes the best way to state our lives is in bullets! Brava, to you Mage!

    Yes, it's been windy and quite cold here, too. Occasional sun today with lots of flurries -- only 34°.

  4. Fixing your workstation setup can perform miracles. Hope the cure is permanent, no more crinked neck? Like your book picture. Our local AAUW is having a three day book sale starting at noon Friday, I am drooling!

  5. Your happy list was a good read for me. I had to laugh about the forgotten details. Sounds familiar.

    I, too, have to make a list for doctor appointments. And then I have to remind myself to stay alert about determining whether they answer questions or just parrot some buzzwords. My brain goes into sheep mode in the doctor's office, hearing but not processing. I sometimes get home and realize they provided no real clarity.

  6. wow! look at your books...!
    I know you got great nautical ones in there…
    xoxo c!

  7. Wonderful! Just reading this post made me feel happy. Yae!

  8. I changed my bed pillow and my headaches have almost disappeared. Almost.

  9. Don't know if David has cataracts. I should ask him. Good of you to remind me. Glad you have found a way to conquer those headaches.

  10. I thought I left a comment here yesterday, but I see I didn't. As for books, they are my downfall or salvation, depending on your outlook.

    David is loving his new book on the Russian Revolution. His Mom wouldn't talk about it or say anything against Lenin or Stalin, so he never knew how she felt.

    Have a good day and good weekend. Dianne


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