February 4, 2013

Mid-day Naps

A most unusual Lane Chest.

I wouldn’t have survived Saturday without a mid-day nap. 

Sunday started well with a little CBS Sunday Morning and a very happy visit from Zoe and Lessa.  They came down to collect the massive pile of things I save for her….magazines, a set of towels, and check out the Lane chest we got for her…that sort of thing. 

The chest is tired and worn.  It’s also gaudy in with its unusual handles.  It’s an odd size for a hope chest or blanket chest also.  But there it was…and I watched it go from the front window through the middle of the store.  No one made an offer that I knew of, and it seemed to grow more bedraggled every day.

On a day that I had a big discount, I brought G in to see it.  We both agreed that it looked just like her.  She loved it after seeing its picture on Facebook.  She loved it even more after she saw it in person.

As the lights faded over the Superbowl and after dining on a new vegetarian chili recipe that was way too acidic for me, we headed off to our usual Sunday night meeting up on top of a mountain overlooking the sea.  It was very nice to see everyone.  He wanders about and I sit grabbing folks as they come by.  One young aspiring actress looked down and pointed to my shoes.  One was tan….to go with my browned out outfit, and the other was a turquoise moccasin.  I howled with laughter there from my front row seat where everyone could see my feet.

Folks don’t call on me to share as I don’t make a lot of sense when I do.  I make more sense via the written word.  Now they have proof that I am fading fast and in public too.  No matter how well I clean up, my feet will always give me away. 

Perhaps I need a mid-day nap to survive Sundays too.


  1. Naps are good. Several years ago, when I was living in NJ, I took my great niece into NYC and we made a little tour of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. She looked great; even had her Chanel sunglasses on. I had on an old T-shirt, hand-me-down pants and, as I discovered when I got undressed that night, two different sneakers on my feet. No wonder the doormen gave me funny looks.

  2. When some dish is too acidic, you can add a little baking soda...or even a little coffee,

  3. I love people with messy lives. That's why I love alcoholics. They make me laugh. Your story of the shoes reminds me of the times I have gone out in my house shoes forgetting my street shoes in the hall closet. It happens. Dianne

  4. You must have a lot of shoes. I have never done that, because I have just one pair of shoes. ha! Just kidding!

  5. Yes, we are all fading faster than we like, but you are doing in style rather than stupid remarks!

  6. Several years ago, I had a trial in a county several miles away. On my way, I ended up feeling very ill, and pulled into a small restaurant parking lot. Someone saw me and called 911. While I waited in the ER, I looked down and saw that I had on two different colored pumps...one black, one blue on my feet. Guess I hadn't been feeling so well as I left the house, either. I would have made quite the picture in court with two different colored shoes on my feet. The heel heights were also different.....I would have listed to the left!All you can do is laugh-good for you!


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