February 16, 2013

Not A Glum Lot

I’m still here, but I managed to overuse my right hand.  I’m slowed down considerably…just in case the entries are reduced to photos only. 

Planning for life goes on tho.  Today we take that Bernina to the Bernina store in La Mesa, and tomorrow we go to Dr. Watson’s Steampunk Odditorium up in Oceanside.  We can call the money to repair the machine a donation.  We can call costume parts a donation to fun.

Somewhere in the stilted language of AA, it was once said, “We are not a glum lot.”  The truth is that many of us were the focus of party central in the “old days.”  The Geezer and I promote that thought with great enthusiasm.  We love the AA “Spring Round Up.”  It’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of fun, meetings, and donated time.  We will bring Lessa along…and today is her birthday if any of you want to wish her a happy birthday.  She’s not a glum lot either.

Not A Glum Lot at Lessa's Blog

Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  A “happening” man.
  • Herself:  Tagging along.
  • Reading:  More space Opera.
  • Balance:  Riding up the coast and singing to the car radio.


    1. That's a great photo! Every time you post a picture of Lessa, I have to check to make sure it isn't you.

    2. Happy Birthday, Lessa. Aloha from Hawaii. It is raining and windy here and my 3 yr old grandson's outdoor birthday party has been moved into a relative's house.

    3. Happy Bday Lessa and appreciateded the truths so beautifully expressed by EM on your site.

    4. Mage, I have passed a day or two this week as a card-carrying member of the glum lot. Today was sunshine and a brief but exhilirating grub in the dirt in preparation for eventual planting of tomato plant. Not party central but definitely not among the glum lot! Woohoo!

    5. Happy Birthday to Lessa....I thought it was a photo of you at first.

    6. Lessa looks wonderful and Happy Birthday to her. Have fun at your gathering. Dianne

    7. Happy Birthday Lessa and down with glumness.

    8. A belated happy birthday to Lessa. I think her teeth look marvelous by the way. Mine should look so good!


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