February 10, 2013


2012, Outside Chicago heading west.

Ah, questions.  We are making a cake for our evening meeting.  She’s using a “healthy” brand.  How long should I leave it in the oven?  Do I really use a whole cup of oil?  I don’t remember doing that with the unhealthy brands.  Is it really done in 25 minutes?  Why, yes it is.

Himself is making a dinner date at the Brigantine for the 14th.  Is he pleased?  Not really.  He had one meal there he didn’t like tho others have been good.  It altered all his perceptions of the place.  It’s full.  Everything’s full?  This is going to be interesting.

Fish?  Right now, the favorite fish place in town is the Fish Market on Harbor drive.  Do we like that place?  You can find the masses there, but not the best fish.  There are far better choices scattered all over the city like George’s Modern, or the Great Point Loma Seafood Restaurant at a higher price.  None of these are as good as Mama Ghio’s Anthony’s Seafood on the bay for fish and chips.  There used to be lines out the door every night.  Not now.  Why?  The food is as good or better than I remember it from childhood.  The décor is a little better too.  No more crowds tho….so sad.

Why doesn't the beautiful Bernina from the Discovery shop work?  The Geezer has taken it all apart, and it still doesn't work.  Perhaps we will run it through our sewing machine repair shop.

Clothes?  What clothes should I get rid of in this stage of losing weight.  Lessa wants my old stuff, but I’m fatter than she is now.  I add scarves while I get rid of shirts and pants and shoes.  Perhaps I will keep most of the pants? 

Life?  I’m really grateful for all of life right now.  No questions there at all.  Who knew?

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  ”I are wonderful.”
  • Herself:  Missing the east county granddaughter.  Can’t afford to drive out east to have lunch with her at one of the restaurants she works at, but I was thinking about it.  The Mingei museum opening last night was made better for us isolationists by finding a friend there.
  • Reading:  Reading the newest Evanovich.
  • Balance:  Staying in the now.


    1. Pillsbury cake mix is what I use, and it calls for 1/3 cup oil, not 1 cup. Every week, David picks out the flavor he craves. This week, he bought dark chocolate cake and chocolate fudge frosting -- all Pillsbury. Tastes great and it is addictive.

    2. Our Yoga instructor said the best way to stay in the now is listen to music. She plays lovely Indian stuff. No snow here and sunny the past few days, but today is grey. Walking the dogs when David can walk. Dianne

    3. The Bernina doesn't work? They're supposed to be so well made. I have the workhorse model however. I think the one with more computer stuff in it would be more apt to get glitches.

    4. Don't give up on the Bernina. See what a Bernina dealer would charge to check it out for you. I've had mine at least 12 years. Don't use the fancy embroidery module but that's because my brain is too muddled to care enough to figure out the doings!


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