February 13, 2013

What Matters

Two Midwest water towers, 2012.

The days have been sunny and cold.  It doesn’t matter…he gyms and I swim.  I write, and right next to me he works.  There are too few folks to do the work, and he puts pressure on himself by worrying.  I kiss him and he hugs me.  That matters.

We discover fruits with No Fat Cool Whip Free has no points.  Our whole life is ruled by points.  Are the WW folks aware that someone like me could eat all the tub of Cool Whip in one sitting.  Ferget the fruit.  I don’t tell them though.

No new pictures…except for thrift store finds.  I dig around in the old ones and find these water tower shots.  Our local water towers have much more pizazz.  Obviously I need to get out and photograph them…after I get the totals done for the taxes.  That matters most this time of year.


  1. I am fighting to keep my cholesterol down, too. I live on chef's salads and Special K with fruit. I think it's working -- the doc didn't even mention the C word last week.

  2. My rule, which you should share, is that you can worry about something if worrying actually will help change the outcome! Otherwise, se la vie!

  3. Sometimes, adding several zero point items together = points. I make a smoothie that has all zero point items but added together = points. You can check out any mix of food items in the recipe builder on the WW site.

    Interesting idea to have fruit with coolwhip. I have recently discovered vegetable souffle. Garden Lite brand = 4 points or you can find a recipe on the WW site by typing in Broccoli souffle.

    I think some versions of "real" whipped crean also have zero points. We use Reddiwip, which has zero points and is made with real whipped cream.

  4. I think your first paragraph will prove to be my favorite valentine post for 2013.

    Plus the whole post brightened a rainy day here.

  5. That water tower looks so different from the ones in the Chicago area. However, it has a very artistic, weathered look to it.


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