March 26, 2013

Comic Con: Costume 1

…the various pieces.

Old fur top hat before additions and coloring.

Gun, holster, and belt before surgery on apron.
Boots, and yes they are comfortable.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Working in North County today.

  • Herself:  Starting on the costume.  Chatted with Lessa who sold her truck and brought the money down to us.  Mid day meeting at the store.  Simple dinner and NCIS later.

  • Reading:  Taking a break from the endless politics of Panama and am midway through a new mystery.

  • Balance:  Puttering with the costume.


    1. You do go ALL OUT...I am sure there will be photos!

    2. Oh my, your mind never stops does it? Your 'get-a-long' may be down but your mind certainly isn't.

    3. Great pieces of the costume...can't wait to see the final reveal..... Project Runway has nothing on you....

    4. Like those boots! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

    5. Sounds like you are having fun. Enjoy!

    6. Have to laugh. One of my classes at GMU (Gilded Age) was all politics. Every book and there were 20 of them counting the ones I read for my research paper. One night the prof said to the class, "I was looking at the books I assigned and decided I've been a real prick this semester. Of course, not one agreed with him. We all sat there blank. HaHa

      Yes, I take breaks from books too. I was reading more of 'Fear Itself' about the New Deal and WWII and the aftermath, this morning. All politics, but will make the LBJ book easier to read.

      History is political economy. Very Important.

      Your Comic Con outfit looks Johnny Deppish. Dianne

    7. This is so cool. I'll be looking forward to seeing more photos.

    8. This promises to be a winner. And I read at a mutual friend's blog that you are due hoorays for sticking with you eating changes with the result of your smaller size pants now fit!

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    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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