March 17, 2013

Dinner with the Captain

The finished product hung on the dining room wall.  Cell phone picture, The Geezer.

The Captain’s sister, Mia, teases her that she can’t cook.  I tease myself that I can sew.  The evening went to the captain.

I prepared by measuring twice, and cutting wrong twice.  Wasn’t it good that I bought a yard of fabric for this tiny project?  Finally I sewed the sleeve to hang the captain’s quilt properly even enclosing the seams.  Just in case, since it was me doing the cutting and sewing, I packed up the sewing machine and the sewing box to take along. 

Captain Poolie prepared munchies ahead of time to lay out on her color coordinated new table, the salad waited on the sideboard, and bread heated in the oven when we got there.  Her new gardeners decimated her yard well past dark while we talked over them.

Yes, Mia, your sister can cook.  She knocked me, the cook, out with a marvelous salad that included assorted veggies, mixed lettuces, with dates and glazed nuts.  Better than good stuff.  Then came a mushroom and veggie sausage sphagetti sauce over a delicious pasta….I gotta do that.  Gerhardelli’s brownies followed as a perfect ending for the meal.  Dear Mia, we cheered.

Then came the quilt hanging.

G installed Molly bolts while I fussed with fabrics.  I confess that I panicked a bit when faced with two confederates who didn’t sew.  Then I panicked even more when I discovered the finished sleeve was three inches too short.  Yes, I brought my scraps, yes, I machine sewed the top and sides of the sleevie on to the quilt white telling everyone that this was supposed to be hand sewn.  The bottom seam was basted down….dear G fell timely into the breach and could be seen sewing one end while I took the other.

The end result was a triumph.  Two well fed and happy guests up against the wall with a well hung, tweaked a bit to look straight, quilt.  What a wonderful, colorful, happy new home for the Captain. 


  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Errands, work at the museum, and dinner with the Captain.
  • Herself:  Rode along on the errands with a book, then dinner with the Captain.
  • Reading:  David McCullough’s book on the Panama Canal.
  • Weather:  Very foggy mornings and cooling.
  • Balance:  Getting parts of the garage tidy felt really good.  The quiet times alone felt good too.  Yin and Yang.


    1. You two are quite a team. Good on ya!

    2. A job well done is always a good feeling.

    3. So blessed to have you in my life!

    4. Wow! That is very impressive, Mage!

      I just wanted to point you to a blog from Hawaii that had a bunch of photos from Hawaii Kon. I can't remember. Anyway, I think you'll enjoy the photos.

      Here is Jalna's blog:

    5. How wonderful. A fab evening spent with friends. I gave my sewing machine to my oldest granddaughter. I still miss it, but she puts it to good use. Dianne


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