March 13, 2013

FAQ of the Day

  • Photo:  Flowers in Balboa Park.  They think it spring.
  • Himself:  Made half a dozen trips downstairs.  Because I see him sitting in one place all day, I worry.
  • Herself:  Stirred up great comments with my piece yesterday in class.  Interesting two day article on Ronni Bennett’s blog the last few days about how the young see their elders in this techie period of time.  Got ortho appointment.  Got therapist appointment.  Life moves along.
  • Reading:  OMG, let us hope that there will be a sequel to the Shugak book.  Yes too, I am reading your blog/diary.  Short on time and not leaving notes.  Shame on me as I so love notes from you.
  • Weather:  Really thick fog in the mornings.  Really black outside when I head toward the gym.  Yes, I probably shouldn’t be driving.
  • Balance:  Books at the store today.  That will keep me quiet and well behaved.


    1. My clivia (inside) are blooming, too!!! So bright and orangey! Hopefully, I'll be in Balboa Park to check out the roses some time this summer.

    2. Please encourage him to go up and down stairs often!! You want him around for a long, long time. about a photo or two.

    3. Those flowers are Clive. I have one in a pot...waiting for it to bloom. Its the perfect houseplant, according to White Flower Farm. We shall see.

      I got the photo thingy to work this morning. My flower is not a stunning as yours.

      Will try Snapfish when I use my new camera this spring. Got a trip to the Botanical Garden planned.


    4. Gorgeously orange flowers...How cheerful!

    5. And I got excited over the simple little yellow and purple crocuses that popped their little heads up this week in our back yard! I'd love living in a place with flowers like those in Balboa, a sight for sore eyes. Instead I have to content myself with snow-capped mountains.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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