March 9, 2013


Spring for men at the ACS Discovery Shop, Point Loma.

I’ve only been upset with myself once or twice this week.  Why I got so very depressed over losing my handicapped placard, I don’t know.  The rest of the week was frosting after I followed Tehachapi’s suggestion to go to AA and get another.  Poof I had one.

Despite a major storm coming through, I’ve had few aches and pains.  That’s good.  The Geezer has found a few cars to look at this morning for Lessa.  She’s still driving gas guzzling Grumpy.  And best of all, we have a play to go to this evening….The Captain’s production up in Claremont. 

We can do this.  I certainly remember when all I could do was lay on my sofa with an end stage alcoholic hangover.  The only hangover I have this morning is sobriety.  It’s been hanging over for a lot of years now, but I can be truly joyful about these few happy moments in the now.


  1. Good for you. A good attitude goes a long way to making your situation better. Hang in there.

  2. That's excellent and so much healthier for you. I'm wishing you both a fabulous weekend.

  3. MY daughter has #30 coming up this month. David flashed his new chip at her yesterday.

    Good info about the placard. We both have them and good to know how to replace them. Wonder if they do renewals too. Dianne

  4. I'm glad you were able to resolve the problem. Gladder still that you continue to embrace sobriety and life as you do. Love that pic.. it comes across as abstract and quirky. And missing some human filler. ;)

  5. You should feel very proud:)
    That shirt is almost the shade my DIL recommends for one of my bedroom walls.


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