March 19, 2013


Grumpy the Truck.

Last weekend, we cleaned out not only Grumpy’s bed, but organized most of the garage too.  I had backed up a narrow walled driveway into a bush last week with Grumpy, and this scratched his back right, hippy fender.  Right there on the right corner.

Ah, the guilt.  Saying, “But I didn’t hit the wall,” didn’t quite make it.

After the cleanout, I looked a little closer and saw a deeper chip.  The Geezer checked it nose to hip and announced the fender cracked.  Some one had hit us.  Probably never knew they did it.

Now I’m not the only one with a worn out hip in this family.  G says there isn’t a good fiberglass repair person in town.  We will probably have to get Grumpy a new hip.  Me too.  My surgeon looked at the old X-rays and said he would have done it after my last visit.  Both of us are now in the line-up for new hips.

More will be revealed later.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Was really kind and took hours yesterday to go with me to the doctor’s.

  • Herself:  Glad I’m not the only broken hip in the family.

  • Reading:  Path Between the Sea’s in paperback as pages won’t turn on my Nook.

  • Balance:  Created something to read in class today but it lacks a zinger of an ending.


    1. How nice of your hubby to take you to the doctor. Mine would do the same. My car door got dented when someone opened his door and hit mine in a parking lot. I decided to let it go unrepaired because of the expense.

    2. Grumpy looks good, sorry he got hit with a drive by. The family here with new hips reported a much better quality of life post hip replacement, may it be the same for you.

    3. Well, there is some symmetry to these repair problems. Here is hoping both go smoothly and without undue expense. My new car had no dents and scratches, but it is only a matter of time.

    4. The two "busted" hips can be thankful they have The Geezer in the family.

    5. Good luck with the Zinger. And the two hips. Grumpy looks good otherwise. Dianne

    6. Sometimes I wonder what we would see if we had a camera on our car that recorded what others did to it....

    7. YOu make me laugh. I can't remember much either. HaHa Dianne

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    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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