March 25, 2013

Monday, Monday

Above: Two workers pounding on the hull of the San Salvador, 1542.  Middle:  A worker is attaching the ribs to the keel in this earlier photograph.  Bottom:  A model of how the ship will look when finished.

  • Dust attack Sunday has turned into a day I need to write in my journal.  A Monday writing day along with the Mama’s and the Papa’s song.  That’s the best I can come up with, anyway.

  • Dust:  Yes, starting in the office, we moved everything off the bookcases, dusted, simplified things, and put stuff back.  One bookcase in the bedroom got the same treatment, but the other three just got a vigorous dusting.  Yes, we pay someone to housekeep for us, but it isn’t her job to babysit two total packrat slogs.  Packrats grow dust, and dust grows mold.  No coughing in the bedroom or office this morning.  Progress.

  • It’s going to be a busy week.  Although its Spring Break/Easter Vacation, it’s going to be grey and chilly.  No school for me which will give me time to hone my latest essay’s punch line.  Yes, two meetings at the store….one for pricing, and one for general info.  Methinks the boss is upset about something.

  • We are all hoping that Lessa will get the orders to move this week.  She’s more than ready, it’s Spring Break so she has the time, and she has the volunteers lined up.  She’s also packed and ready to go.  The delays are getting a bit ugly, but we know all the paperwork has been signed.  She also listed her truck on Craigslist yesterday.  One person so far.

  • Looking forward to the local “Spring Round-up.”  Four days of friends, talking, 24 hour meetings, a marathon, fishing expedition, ice cream social, dinners, lunches, ad infinitum.  Ten thousand drunks all in one place having fun.  I’ll miss three hours on Friday because of the Sale at the store.  If G wants a whirly gig, I work.  Other than that, you can find me at a meeting in the valley.  Photographing roses too.

  • Today write, swim, Bee, menus and groceries, and simple foods.  I think last nights WW frozen dinner had something in it that stirred up an allergy response.  Every two hours I was up.  Later today I am off to the fabric store and Michaels to get black satin and feathers for my Comic Con hat.

  • We are not a glum lot this week at all.


    1. Love to see a picture of your Comic Con hat. What a fabulous ship the San Salvador will be.

    2. You would love visiting the Maritime museum in London at Greenwich. Wonderful. They have a mockup of Nelson's ship and a cutaway showing the life aboard those fighting frigates. Life below deck was bad.

      I hope Lessa is not going too far away. Dianne

    3. Aha! A new moniker for Hubby and me, packrat slogs. Descriptive but not as nauseating as slugs!

    4. A wonderful way to deal with life.

    5. It must be nice to have a housekeeper. Here, I have to do most of the cleaning, though hubby does the weekly vacuuming. I would love to attend an ice cream social. Yum.

    6. I am so excited that you get to go to Comic Con!

    7. These are such cool photos, Mage. I hate dusting. I really do.

    8. I just signed up for a course at the U called "honing your writing skills". I'm really looking forward to it. Joining that writing group--which I did very reluctantly--was probably a good idea looking back on it. You and I can "hone" together.

    9. Oh, did I mention that maybe it'll help me over my writer's block? Maybe it'll entice me to get back to my wintersong.


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