March 12, 2013

What's Doin'?

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Working almost obsessively at his job.  He goes to the gym, and later most days does a load or two of laundry.  Laundry gets him up and down the stairs twice a load.  He got up to the foothills for a meeting last night.  Out of the house is good.  He repaired the garage door this morning before making my lunch.

  • Herself:  Did a mountain of small stuff at the computer yesterday.  I felt heroic when I actually took care of all the email.  Filled out the will too, and I will get that signed by friends at the class this morning.  Did that photo and not-ok poem for class.

  • Reading:  The brand new Dana Stabenow…hot off the press at the Mystery guild.  It’s really good stuff, but then again, all her books are.

  • Balboa Park:  This was the sculpture garden.  I asked what they were doing here, and the cashier at the café said they were flattening it.  It had been lumpy and bumpy en re 1970’s garden design, and when there was a weeding often chairs would tip over.  Flat for liability, he told me.

  • Balance:  Reading…of course.


    1. Ah, the new Stabenow. Always worth waiting for. I'm getting mine soon.

    2. So that's Balboa Park. I wondered. Wendy wanted to take me to see it. Maybe next time. And just think everything will be level. I was there back in the late 1950s but have almost no memory of it.

      Re Snapfish. Checked it out. Looks like a place to have shots turned into photographs. I'm not doing much of that anymore.

      Eventually, I will deduce what is going on with my upload efforts, but for now I hang in hope.

      Will take a gander at the Stabenow book. I used to belong to the mystery guild, BK...before Kindle.


    3. nuthin' Honey! Glad to see your photos again.

    4. Catching up on blogs, community meetings and all being done in a fog with the time change.


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