April 23, 2013

Being Strong

I am determined to be strong.  My favorite museum in DC was the National Portrait Gallery.  In London, I felt the same.

Just as I was getting home from the pool, I saw the painters leaving. Then again, the drywallers were arriving. 

While the drywallers clompt through our lives, I sat out on the deck with some denatured alcohol and doused Gimpa’s bookcase with it.  There was a little mold.  I had set out to find a small can of Naptha in the morning.  No such thing.  It had been banned along with oil based paint and other environmentally unsound products.  We hadn’t known.  The guy at ACE hardware suggested we try the alcohol. 

Next, all the little metal tow trucks that had lived in the bookcase need to be washed down.  

Perhaps today the painters will return. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Yesterday he built the new sofa.  It works well.  Today: Work, eat, NCIS.

  • Herself:  No class a second week because of the chaos.  I went to sleep at 8:30 last night.  Odd.

  • Reading:  Nothing at this exact second, but just wait.

  • What is the “Quieter Home Program:”  The Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  It’s all Free.

  • Balance:  Frankly my dear, I am out of balance but getting better.

    1. Hope the drywallers and the painters can get their scheduled straightened out...Imagine what they are going through with so many homes to handle.

    2. Having HUGE issues with your comments again. The security thing HATES me!

    3. I am so impressed with your attitude. I think I would be in shambles by this time.

    4. That kind of remodeling is never done soon enough and I admire your keep on truckin' attitude.

    5. Goodness me. We need to spray the dying mold in our laundry room ceiling. We had a choice between the stuff banned in CA and good old clorox. I voted for the latter. Now I know why.

      I am always in a quandry when I finish a book. I have so many to read I am concerned I make the "right" choice. Currently reading one of Lynne Olson's books. A good fast read as WWII sagas go.

      This too shall pass, and All will be Well. Dianne

    6. Wow! Your place is going to look spiffy and brand new. Lucky you!

    7. When you mentioned denatured alcohol I wondered if it was something I could try on weekdays when I don't drink.
      Perhaps not:)


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