April 20, 2013

Chaos Days 9, 10, and 11

Today’s triathalon is being held here in Mission Bay.  Speaking of chaos.

Day 9: Thursday:  They built an insulation box around the HVAC.  We had high hopes for a little more forward movement.  They were dashed indeed.  The Geezer worked with a biodegrading computer program.  I cleaned out the art and architecture shelves.  Few were discarded only because of mold damage.  Dinner:  Chicken kababs over a grain, few point chocolate ice cream to follow.

Day 10: Friday:  G spent the whole day struggling with his work programs.  Poor guy.  The only interruption, one guy came in and built a door for HVAC access.  That was it.  Frankly, most of the time I’m ok living like this, but if I get to thinking I get very unhappy.  Living this small is interesting.  I didn’t pack enough clothes tho.  Perhaps I was an optimist.  **  We are doing good with our WW breakfasts and lunches.  G packed me a just delightful sandwich for lunch today.  I admit to being spoiled.  Dinners have been WW failures.  Tonight a sandwich, then we driving a very long way around to a meeting as there is a marathon in the middle of our usual route.  Later lots of Boston news.

Day 11: Saturday:  So very glad the one 19 year old was caught alive.  I don’t think we will have many answers, but maybe we can have a little hope.  I still fall apart when I see photos of the 8 year old boy.  **  The sun is out.  Glorious stuff sunshine.  I hope I can talk G into a little shopping today.  A few T-shirts will augment my every day stuff as the temperature rises into the 80’s here at the coast.  (28.3 C.)  **  Found some shutters at Home Depot that match the living room ones yet will cover the giant black boarders of the new windows in the kitchen and upstairs bath.  HD was then  apologetic as they couldn’t figure out if they still sold them or not.  Gee…why did they have them on display then if they didn’t still sell them?  ** 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  All week struggling with his computers.  Going to gut his closet today preparitory to moving into the smaller one.

  • Herself:  There’s not a lot I can do here.

  • Reading:  The newest Pitt mystery.

  • Quieter Home Program:  Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  Free.

  • Balance:  Adding something to slow down the spam.  My deepest apologies.  Reading in the sun.  I’m low on vitamin D but high on damaged skin.  Obviously I need a compromise.


    1. I'm so sorry about the word verification.

    2. Sorry to hear the remodeling changes have slowed up. Probably waiting for some other pieces or person to do the job before they can commence moving on.
      Good luck with the shutters, maybe they can order them from another store?
      Keep smiling...it has to get better.

    3. Hang in there. I recall the chaos of when we added on to our little house more than two decades ago. I think the challenge of disrupted living space and routines increases dramatically with each decade of life!

      And I added word verification last December and spam went from several hundred a day to zero. I believe it slowed my internet service, too.

    4. Wonder if the installers are out starting up another big job and you are in the "getting finished" slot with them. I removed the anonymous option from my blog and almost all of the spam has stopped. It was suggested by Optimistic Existentialist. Seems to be working.

    5. I do not know why this spam is increasing. What can they possible get out of it? Who links to their stupid web sites? Keep eating healthy, do not punish yourself with bad food.

    6. I also removed the anonymous from one of the blogs and that seems to have helped. I also have comment approval on posts older than 10 days.

    7. Sounds like you're in the midst of a remodel job. Glad you'll be spared aircraft noise with the new landing strip.

      Yeah, this spam is ridiculous. I've added comment moderation but haven't eliminated Anony. 'cause a blogger I like uses it, then signs her name at end of message, or I would. Wish blogger would figure out to accept that one and jettison all the other Anons to spam, but guess the system is incapable of being so discreet.

      I've checked out some legit. spam sites and sent them direct emails complaining -- like a law office in Texas and a chiropractic rehab practice in a nearby Calif. city and another State.

    8. Geez, i just erased everything I wrote. Oh well if at first you don't ficasse, fry fry a hen.

      Re Chaos...from Chaos came order. Greek mythology 101.

      Re WW. Reached my halfway goal today. Only took one year.

      Re Boston, too bad for both boys. So sad when older brother takes younger one astray. Very sad about the 8-year old. Dianne

    9. it was the London Marathon yesterday and Boston was in all our hearts.

    10. I posted a photo of a miniature Iris I have in a pot in my side yard. Check it out. I love this color. Will check back on you later today. Off this AM. Dianne

    11. About the spam, I only have one word of advice to offer (well, actually three to be technical): switch to Wordpress. As for the Vitamin D deficit, it's pretty common as we get older. Both Hubby and I have been boosted with magadoses, and now we both take supplements. It's better than feeling tired and run down.

    12. I love how Boston is taking care of each other. We've been hearing such heartwarming stories here about how people are helping the victims cope.


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