April 9, 2013


The garage pile to the front leaving a wide margin around three sides.

I woke up very depressed and cranky.  It’s hard to stay depressed with the sun out, the temp in the high 60’s, and a clear, white cloud scattered here or there.  You have never even heard me admit to being depressed and cranky before.  I’m acting like a spoiled brat going through menopause.  I hate this.  Every bit of it.  And I hurt.  That sort of compounds how I feel.

Everyone offers placating words, but I’m beyond cranky today.

The Geezer cleaning out his tool box…and he did.

Slowly the sun creeps into my soul, and I feel a little better.

Cutting back the bushes for the main heating and air unit just a little while ago.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Working.
  • Herself:  Not behaving well.
  • Reading:  The new Jacqueline Windspear mystery.
  • Schedule:  I need to look at the appointment book.
  • Balance:  I need to jackhammer a little into my life today.


    1. Hang tough, Mage -- we're cheering for you!!!

      I'm pretty crabby, too. sigh.

    2. It's no wonder you feel out of place, your home has been moved out of your comfort zone. I'm sure you will be just fine when it is all done and your treasures are back where they belong. It's so difficult when you can't find something you need and can't remember what box it is in....We found that out living between Florida and Indiana..some things just have to be duplicated.

    3. You and me, babe. We will survive this with the passage of time. We are being tested and we will pass.

    4. I have all the JW mysteries on my Kindle. I began reading her books a while ago, but have lately not done much fiction reading.

      Sorry you are cranky. We got out early and did our dog walking and I am less affected by pollen today. The peak for many trees is over. 60 degrees is perfect for me. David is off for his cardiogram this AM.

      Re MT, I liked her and thought she was bold and courageous and a role model for women like me struggling in a man's world.

      All the negative complaints in the media come from the left, and fail to take into account that the UK was going down the toilet economically when she took over.

      Was she pushy as some say? Why is that adjective always applied to women? Have you ever seen a pushy man?

      Am I cranky, no, just angry because I have been there and done that and understand that to survive sometimes you have to take the harsh medicine. And sometimes, you have to give it. Dianne

      Remember to have an attitude of gratitude.

    5. It will be a haven again soon. We can be in uproar together. Mine is all outside and yours is inside (for the most part). But we can still know the truth for each other.

    6. We do have days when we're going to be tired, depressed and cranky. But that's OK because the sun always comes out again when we open our eyes. I'm thinking about you and sending you sunny aloha.


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