April 13, 2013

Days 3. 4. and 5. EDIT

A cobbled together Ramada Airport really by the bay.  We are up there on the third floor, right side balcony.

Thursday:  Leaving our house to the electricians to turn off the power and install the new electrical panel, we found ourselves by the bay in a small Ramada room with a generous sized balcony.  He set up the work computers and a laptop for me, and we went across the street to Point Loma Seafood for dinner.  Off our “new way of eating” indeed.  Did I say my fish was ok, but my fries were delicious?  Did I say that I fell asleep before the start of “Project Runway?”

The boss Stephanie said photograph anything new…especially purses for our Facebook page.

Friday:  He went to work and so did I…a little late for me compounded by my dithering.  Home to find him still working.  I sat out in the sun reading for a while then pushed by my own guilt, “If you don’t walk over there and get some shots of the sports fishing boats, you will seriously missing something and feel guilty forever.”  So I did.  Slowly my cane and I dodged traffic to get a couple of good shots.  I picked “Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza” place for dinner.  I hadn’t had a Caesar salad in a long time, and this one was really great.  La Dou’s pizza.  Equally good.  He picked a  movie.  Date night for sure.  OZ.  Slept until almost 8.

View of the bay from our deck.

Saturday:  Delicious and delightful small chocolate muffins for breakfast.  Packing was mostly padding the computers with dirty clothes, and coming home to start the laundry.  I remain determined to walk as little as possible.  Doggedly determined.  This didn’t work Friday, but maybe it will work today.

Sports fishing boats.

Most Importantly:  The electrician called in sick on Friday, so we have a no electricity situation on Monday.  This time we are staying home, and so G can work he will hopefully run an extension cord from a neighbors place. 

Shore bird trolling for food.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Set up the computers and was off to docent.

  • Herself:  I walked way too much yesterday, Friday, with work, out to dinner, walk to the bay then around the mall till show time, and a movie.  OZ…beautiful but mediocre.  Today I am sitting.

  • Reading:  Just finished an older Inspector Pitt and will start the newest soon.

  • Quieter Home Program:  Airport authority is installing new tripple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  Will will have deliciously quiet, warm, or cool lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  Free.

  • Balance:  Being home even if it is chaos.  EDIT: Feeling better now that I have heard from Lessa...she's been very ill and now is filled with antibiotics.  Progress.  She will take our worn out sofa too.


    1. I love your grace under fire. You and George sure know how to make lemonade from lemons.

      We should call this Mage and George's Big Adventure. Wonderful series of stories about your past two weeks. Dianne

      PS I see my shoes ended at your shop. Yes, I wore shoes like that eons ago. Love to you.

      PPS David collapsed for a 3 hour nap following overdoing it after the heart doctor told him he was in great shape.

    2. We have been pushing lots of wheelbarrels full of mulch everywhere. 12 for the museum (I did about 5) and about 18 for the house...I did all of those. I have water on my knee...so am hoping I haven't overdone. I also have sunflowers coming up (which will probably be eaten by some rodent) and a herb bed weeded. Not bragging...just letting you know your life could be worse.

    3. Sounds like a great way to make the best of a situation. Too bad though about the electricity woes.

    4. Good grief! What a week you're having. Sounds like quite a bit of inconvenience, but it will be over quickly... I hope.

    5. and east coast sending thoughtwaves back to you! lemonade from lemons, yes! I liked the juxtaposition of sports boats, cool shoes and bags, and the snowy white boid looking for dinner. xoxo c!

    6. I'm happy to hear Lessa is feeling better. Tell her to take care.

      Lost 3 more lbs this week. What a difference NOT eating nougat eggs and chocolate bunnies makes. Perhaps I will be less cranky this next week. Dianne

    7. Slow progress but sure to be worth it in the end. Hope the electrician is working tomorrow...

    8. Glad you enjoyed your date night unmarred by missed-photo op guilt.

    9. With those surroundings - hopefully it will be a painless experience. With your resilience it may even be fun:)

    10. I've gotta say, being able to walk across the street to a sea-food dinner is a sacrifice I could bear. I would feel absolutely guiltless in thinking of it as a reward for all my forbearance.


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