April 8, 2013

Going to Any Length

Lessa in her new home just as she is moving in.-

The fuss and mess are done.  We are tucked into a corner of the living room…our home away from home, for the next fifteen days.  Our mountains of belongings tower over us in every room.  The Great Geezer is at work on his side of this little table, and I tap, tap out a poem for whatever next class I attend on this side.

I see you he says pointing to his eyes.  We laugh.

I finally talked G into getting help with the big stained glass window yesterday.  It was the last piece to come down.  “Oh…all I have to do is….”  but I knew it was too heavy for him to lower one story down by himself.  A new neighbor came, with baby.  I held the baby that developed a piercing continual cry until his dad was back down and reaching for him.  Daddy separation anxiety indeed. 

For me, holding a screaming baby was going to any length to get the window down safely.

Wednesday we will find a way G can work here in the living room while the new windows go in.  Only later in the week, when the electricians are here to turn off the power, do we retreat to a cheap Ramada in by the bay right across from one of the best fish restaurants in the city.  I’d take a sketch pad but I packed them all. 

Life is best if we laugh at it these days.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Gym, laundry, working, listening to Boomer Radio, dinner, meeting far, far away in the hinterlands.
  • Herself:  Swim, talk with Bee who hired a cook and general factotum, talk with Lessa, lunch was fresh Portuguese sweet bread and butter, write, read, fix dinner, watch Antiques Roadshow….and smile.  Weather changing.  Hip hurting.
  • Reading:  Just finished “The Perfect Nazi,” by Martin Davidson.  Moving now from history to mystery and either a Jance or the new Windspear.
  • Schedule:  A G bonus came in the mail today…tickets to the Wednesday night Padres’s Game.  We are eschewing Weight Watchers for a 31 point Hodad’s cheeseburger at the game.  Heaven indeed.
  • Balance:  Getting a start on that poem.

    1. Nice home for Lessa, congratulations.

    2. Oh my, what a project. Do you trust all those work people in and out without you there to supervise. Any valuables they could access?

    3. Big changes. Have fun at your hotel. Hope they have a good ice machine. Those are always fun to play with.

    4. Oy! You poor guys!!!!!

      I know this is a real pain, but it's also kind of exciting!

      And what's the name of the fish restaurant? :)

    5. Spanky new home for Lessa, all of you are starting out new in a way, moving, and renovating. Wishing you all lots of energy and patience.

    6. It's always good to be able to laugh when you're having to do all this work.

    7. You look very exuberant. Let it last!

    8. Both of you starting fresh...at the same time...you and Leesa. Does this remind you of college or getting newly married?

    9. Haha. We have been eating Sweet Portugese Sweet Bread, called Malasadas in Hawaii where clumps of dough are fried. It's actually Challah bread or egg bread, a passover food.

      The Portuguese were very Jewish at one point, when so many migrated to what were known as the Sandwich Islands. They were fleeing the Spanish Inquistion, of course and broght their bread recipe with them. Just a tidbit of history. Dianne

      PS stay in touch with your blog.


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