April 27, 2013


Rearranging things a bit.

0830: Yesterday afternoon, they gave us permission to start moving back in the house.  First thing this morning, my computer refused to work.  The great Geezer started a repair program then began painting the white in the office and hall as I began uncovering the bedroom desk.  Eventually the desk was moved to its usual spot, and I could begin moving into the closet.  Dinner last night triggered a nasty IBS attack and I spent a lot of my morning running back and forth to the ladies room.

1912:  By afternoon I was perkier.  Chrome was banished as my browser.  It had holes.  Slowly, box by box, I moved office things to the office and bedroom things to the bedroom.  I was proud of me for getting rid of more unworn clothes and more tchotchkes.  The upstairs bathroom can be used again, the large tapestries got vacuumed, floors and furniture got vacuumed, and slowly we moved into the upstairs rooms.  Blankets and towels in the wash.  A whole box of quilts to Lessa.  I kept the ones I made, the wedding ring, and Harriette’s quilt.  Getting rid of things is scary.  By evening we quit for the night now both of us huddled in front of adjoining computers. 

  • Keeping all those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Painted white.  Set up a far, far simpler office.  Worked his tail off.

  • Herself:  Very slowly unpacked things.  Hamburger for dinner.  Switched to Firefox, and my computer is working smoothly.

  • Reading:  Vittoria Cottage by DE Stevenson. 

  • Balance:  Stopping work and reading in the sun.
  • What is the “Quieter Home Program”:  The Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  Free.  They have 15 days to do this.

    1. I usually don't comment on blogs that feature word verification, but I felt the need to chime in. I am absolutely floored by the amount of work that you and G have been faced with. This is worse than our having to move furniture to have the carpet replaced. Not a pleasant task. Anyway, the agony will soon be over...

    2. So glad the worst is behind you. It will seem like a new place when this is over.

    3. I bet that you both are beginning to feel so clean and satisfied. It must be like moving into a new home! Does it sound quieter or do the inside appliance noises sound louder? ;-) Word verification is 'monstrance.' I like that word!

    4. I'm feeling free of spam too.

    5. Enjoy the results of all your work, you two are amazing. I'd be so stressed. Love to hear about how things sound from the inside now.

    6. tchotchkes...like the word.

      What is the name of the color behind the painting in your photo. Beautiful.

      This morning I hired a young man to help with the garden this summer.Degree in horiculture from West Virginia University. I was impressed by him and he by me. I took him around the yard and produced Latin names of my plants. Dianne

    7. I'm so glad that you will finally be able to get everything put away and feel at home again.

    8. Soon it will feel like home. And I will come see it and we will laugh and have a grand time.

    9. I am treading the same path just now - but doing it alone.
      I know I wouldn't be allowed to get rid of files going back to the seventies if MTL were here.
      There has to be some benefit.
      I'm trusting he will understand.

    10. I have once again bogged down in my attempts to discard or donate. Your mental toughness on eliminating things and bringing more breathing space into your life inspires me.


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