April 16, 2013

Days 6 and 7: Inspection Days

Bookcase to get filled: A Light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 4:  Saturday:  We ran errands after we got home.  We did laundry, and we went to a late movie…late for us. 

Day 5:  Sunday:  We have been sitting on the sofa squished behind a mountain of stuff in front of the TV.  Yes, the sofa’s very comfortable.  No, neither of us could get out of it without a struggle.  Instead of going to the very expensive place where we got the first sofa, we drove to IKEA.  After lunch, we walked among the sofas.  I wanted just what we had without the big rounded arms.  Nope, they didn’t have that.  So we bought the same old thing and had it delivered.  We looked at dressers too.  He wants to move into my closet after getting rid of stuff. 

Day 6: Monday:  A day on vacation with the power off.  Back to IKEA we went in Grumpy, and he bought a smaller dresser than the one he has…a ruined old waterfall.  The new one fits perfectly into the carpet footprint.  I read, he got permission to paint one wall, and he spackled holes throughout the house.  I read some more.  He got permission to move the big old white bookcase back on it’s wall.  I scrubbed it.  Went to bed early.

Day 7: Tuesday:  The inspectors are to be here either today or tomorrow.  Once the new stuff passes the city inspection, it is drywall, patch, and paint time.  Us?  I found a manager and reminded them that their guys put our DSL and phone line behind a wall.  Almost immediately a guy appeared and is getting everything out in the open.  G is talking to a manager about one screen that’s two inches too small.  I’m putting cookbooks away.  We inch toward a home.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts especially those in Boston today.

  • Himself:  He’s at work and happy.  They let his previous manager go yesterday.  He was good at working with people but not with the new programs.

  • Herself:  Shelving books.  I love it.

  • Reading:  The newer Inspector Pitt and Charlotte Pitt mysteries.  Somehow I missed them.  Delightful.

  • Stuff:  Lessa will take the worn out dresser and sofa.  We have a table and bookcase for her too.

  • Quieter Home Program:  The Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if an airplane crashes into us.  Installation: Free.

  • Balance:  Reading over lunch.


    1. You all are amazing, enjoy the fun part of remaking your home. Thanks for the reminder about Inspector Pitt.

    2. Mage, if an airplane crashes into you, I doubt very much you'll care. Lessa and (is it Zoe?), on the other hand ... Well, that's a different story isn't it. She didn't sign that agreement, I suspect.

    3. Well it looks like you have rounded hte tip of the iceberg safely.

    4. HaHa, I visit my old stuff at Connie's house, and now granddaughters have much of it.

      We spent the day dealing with leaking pipes. I so sympathize with you. Dianne

    5. Hopefully the downward slide will wind up in a lovlier place.

    6. I sure do miss Ikea, but maybe it's just as well they're not in Hawaii or our house would have too many things. I get tempted so easily at that store.


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