April 6, 2013

Still Packing....

A quiet corner will rise again.

We have way too much stuff…did I say that?

Most of the office is boxed and moved to the middle of the bedroom.  We leave in a few moments to take things up to Lessa.  She’s moving today too.  The rest of our day will be spent moving things from the office to the bedroom, and from the sides of the garage to the middle of the garage.

Motivation is weak.  Sometimes it takes a jackhammer to get me going.  Did I mention that we are both sleeping well?

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  A heavy lifter today.

  • Herself:  Photos to follow so I remember to give it all away before next time.

  • Reading:  Skimming, actually.

  • Schedule:  To Lessa’s at 0730, stop by that estate sale before loading out the office and the garage.

  • Balance:  Making time for breaks.  Maybe out to dinner.


    1. You are dealing with the equivalent of a move to a new home with more grace and organization than I could muster, even with the "jackhammer."

      Take care of yourself.

    2. Your cat is the kind of cat I like. No fur, no fleas, no scratched furniture, no allergies. Another lesson I learned too late.

      Even in a quiet corner, your artistic wizardry shines.


      PS, now I think of you when I look at my chipped cups and bowls. I need a photo of the new bowls when you get the chance. Wrote a paper on china production in CA for one of my history classes. Very fascinating topic. D~

    3. I really like the way you arrange some of your things. You do have a talent for selecting and displaying art. (You also have a good heart in displaying the car collection!) How long are you going to be out-of-pocket?

    4. I love your artistic treatment of that corner of the room. Lovely!

    5. Since you have no other choices in the matter, looks like you're stuck. Everything comes to an end eventually though.


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