May 11, 2013


The entrance hall with the tall bookcase filling the space.

The entrance hall with its darker paint and its Edwardian bookcase.

Slowly we inch toward completion of our home.  The white walls gleam and contrast nicely with the other room colors.  Of all the spaces, the back hall to the garage came out the best with its fresh paint and new art.  New carpet there next.

Nothing’s really new here but paint, yet we have taken two and a half truckloads to the thrift shop and everything is changed.  Simpler.  Less furniture, less art, and less everything.  Yes, we still have too many tchotchkes.  We have begun letting go of all those too.  Letting go is an amazing thing from the two of us who lost everything again and again.  Now we are letting go of things voluntarily.  Change comes slowly to some of us, and there are those like us who fight it tooth and nail. 

Today I would like to make record photos of the finished rooms, perhaps try out the new studio area, and dig around in the garage a bit.  Maybe get rid of more stuff.  Find my paints.  Sometimes change is fun too.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Putter upstairs before going to the museum.
  • Herself:  Putter all around before trying out the studio area.
  • Reading:  Still:  “We Joined the Navy.”
  • Balance:  A calmness as things get done.

    1. The experts tell us that humans have a need to complete things. Looks like you are almost there. What an adventure you have had. My new mattress arrives today and I am having jitters. What if I don't like the big unweildy thing? Dianne

    2. So close. You are inspiring, I have taken several boxes of clothes and knickknacks to the gift shop for the SOS Clinic. They use the money they make to help fund the free clinic. Much better than collecting dust in my house. More to go. Like ripples in a pond you are.

    3. It looks lovely. I understand how hard it is to give up the "things" that we used to believe we HAD to have. We did it last summer and I expect there will be more "letting go" in my future too.

    4. Your changes are inspiring. It would be good for most of us to have everything in our homes set out on the street only to bring back what we actually wanted and needed. No doubt most of our stuff could be left on the street. It's fun to see furniture moved from room to room and how it transforms a room when a new furniture piece comes in. I found your comments interesting about having lost everything several times in life and now struggling to let things go. I'm off now to throw all my stuff into the street.

    5. I love to rearrange my rooms, particularly the art on the walls. It's fun.

    6. I love your new header. Straw hats. It must be summer. BTW I got my Iris photo to load. The problem was me. I need to be patient.

      Really annoyed. I gained lost and regained the same 3 lbs. Ordered a new scale today. Dianne

    7. I believe it's harder for those who never had anything (material) in their youth, and those who lost everything many times (as you say) to let "stuff" go, but I've been learning myself how it really helps keep the cobwebs at bay. Your paint and decor look super as always regardless of how much stuff you still have. You have the knack.


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