May 13, 2013

Colors of the Day

Mourning doves are calling outside the windows of our too many tchotchkes home.  As I walked a whole bag of assorted decorative things out the door, this colorful, new to us, table runner came waltzing in the door.  Today the weather is to be near the hundreds here at the coast.  In Escondido, where Lessa lives, yesterday the temperature was in the hundreds inside her apartment.  Today will be vastly worse.  She went out and bought fans.

I’ll be rummaging in the garage for cushions today.  My little office chair, which was perfect for the sewing table, leaves me at the wrong height for the work table G set up for me in a corner of the living room.  Envision the table at almost chest height and me laughing. 

Yesterday, G dug around in the garage.  He did find another truckload of things to go to the thrift shop and cleaned up a lot of odds and ends.  Most of our discards were so worn they were only good for the secondary thrift store so the Geezer walked them straight through.  Me?  I brought my pastille’s up, and now they will go down again.  It just isn’t practical to use powdered color sticks gesturally in an all-white living room.  I’m sticking to colored pencils.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Pleased with his cleaning out.  Worked on his closet, the coat closet, and the garage.  Movie Friday night in Hillcrest: Kon Tiki.

  • Herself:  Forgot a thirtieth anniversary gift for G.  Oh!  I am so embarrassed.  Do I really need all those coats?  Skipped the Sunday night meeting and it’s uncomfortable chairs tho I did take a cushion to the Friday meeting.  Loved the movie.  Well done.  Don’t sleep well in heat. 

  • Reading:  Finished “We Joined the Navy” and have moved on to “My War.”

  • Balance:  Staying cool.


    1. I do love your use of color.

      No one around here cares what color I want...oh, I've ranted about that before. 8)

    2. The table runner is beautiful in that area...really picks up the colors of the picture on the wall.

    3. When Richard called yesterday to wish me a Happy Mother's Day he said it was 88 degrees in the valley where he lives.

      Love your colors. You are SO-O-O-O-O TALENTED. You have inapired me to have the inside of our house repainted. I neglected it badly when I was in school, and David could live in a pig sty I think.

      The problem with uploading photos was me and a lack of patience. Duh!! Dianne

    4. PS And Wendy is in Hawaii with her girlfriends. She knows when to "take off." D~

    5. Wow, I can't imagine going through so much stuff. David and I have a lot of things in the house, but since we donate to Goodwill on a regular basis, we never have to deal with clutter.

    6. Is this the Kon Tiki from Scandinavia...the new production? I remember when I was moving to the South Pacific I read Thor Heyerdahl like a Bible.

    7. This weather will be a test for all your new triple paned windows and insulation. May you be comfy in your beautiful home.

    8. Mage and Gigi, I'm envious. My mate and I don't seem to take the path less cluttered . . . EVER!

      Oh well, that won't keep me from wishing you cool comfort in your newly spruced up environment, and wishing cooler and SAFE temps for Lessa.


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