May 29, 2013

Of Smalls and Sunshine

It’s a blue sky kind of day today.

  • Imagine.  Sunshine most of the weekend.

  • Imagine also sleeping in for four days.

  • I took that poem about blooming to the writers group yesterday, and they all laughed.  It’s all in how it is read.  I was very pleased.

  • I also did the dentist again yesterday.  One tooth filled.  My teeth are now ready for surgery.

  • Speaking of the writers group.  One of our most talented members has died.  He was diagnosed with early onslaught Alzheimer’s while working on his second pHD.>Here’s his obit in the local paper.
  •  His brilliance was much missed when he left the group.

  • I get to shuffle books today.  I love this job, and boy will I miss it while I am gone.

  • Smalls indeed.  G got the laundry done for this truncated week, and I got the grocery shopping done.

  • We have lift off.

    1. RE: Goodreads. As one friend say, follow your nose. Find the correct code for your blog on the GR site and plug it into an app on your blog home page. I don't remeber what WP calls those things, but you must visit both sites. It took me a while to figure it out. Given my age, I have forgotten how I did it. That is so annoying. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Dianne

      PS Love that clear blue sky. Envy here. Muggy already and I must walk the dogs.

    2. We had sun this morning so mustn't grumble.
      I feel you are about to go somewhere.

    3. So you're in a writer's group. I've thought of trying that, but it doesn't fit into my life yet.

      I clicked over to the obituary of your friend. It's always sad to see someone leave this earth.

      Do you appreciate those sunny skies out their in San Diego?! :) Not that it's bad here in central Virginia.

    4. oops... "there"

      and forgive all other future grammatical, spelling, etc. errors please. :)

    5. Love those brilliant-skied San Diego days!!

      Alzeimers is so freakin scary.

    6. Got the funeral brochure today with photos of a dear friend who had used his PhD for research on water in the western U.S. over these past years. He was so smart and funny and within a year in his 70's he got some rare disease that brings about senility and shortly death. So hard to see someone who is so brilliant end in such a diminished capacity.

    7. No blue skies around's been several days of gloomy skies and some rain....but rain is good too!

    8. Survived dog walking and spent an hour on the phone with DIL Wendy. She asked about you. I told her about the upcoming surgery.

      Re GR: Enter each book in your "my books - currently reading" page. They will pop up as "read" "currently reading" or "to read" depending on where you enter them. I have far too many on my "to read" page, so i don't show that one on my blog.


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