May 16, 2013

Painting by Numbers

1980’s Prismacolor Pencils.

I’m uninspired, but it’s something I must do.  Art.  Any form. 

I remember at age 4 or five painting a recognizable kite in the sky, then knowing that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

At age 28, I took my first painting classes, and while at Southwestern took jewelry, pottery, graphics, drawing, and anything else they offered.  90 some units of passionate art.  That was me.  My second time around, I majored in painting.  More passionate stuff that led to a number of one person shows.  I’m known as a Colorist. 

After a long break when my big drawing board went into storage, I’ve done nothing.  I’ve thought words not paint.  Now G has set me up with a small worktable behind the sofa in the living room.   I want to work with watercolor and added layers of pencil and pastels.  No realism.  Ink gestures for boldness.  Lots of white spaces to give drama to the whole.  Messy fun stuff. 

Creating can be a big struggle for me.  Great blank spaces often fill my mind.  Not only are my colors fugitive, so is my thinking.  Uninspired silences in my head lead to silences in my life.  I’ll jackhammer a hole in that silence this week and see if I can let a little light into the darkness.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  His last day covering someone else’s queue was yesterday  He’s loving doing his own job today.  They sent him a gift card and tickets to a Padre’s Sunday day game.  Let’s hope it isn’t raining Sunday.

  • Herself:  Checking my schedule first.  Write list:  Toenails, fingerprints on doors, mail package.  Swim, write about art today.  Writing about passion.  Broken crown:  Have a gap and must floss often.  Floss, floss, floss.  Run errands, fix dinner. 

  • Reading:  ”My War,” Rooney.

  • Balance:  Giving away the M&M’s we bought.


    1. I'm happy to hear that you now have a space to create art.....your photos are always so beautiful, I am sure you can make pictures from colored pencils and other art sources too.

    2. Sounds like fun! Enjoy the creative process.

    3. When I was 15 I wanted to paint, but my mother gave my sister an easel and proclaimed her the artist in the family. I once drew a pencil sketch of her and I thought it looked good, but Mom said it was crap.

      I love color and my garden is my painting. Only problem is that it doesn't stick around long enough. I will be looking for your art on your blog. I love art.


      PS thanks for the compliment about the rose photos a la Mage.

    4. I love to draw and sketch, but am more of a realist so not an artist. I haven't been 'drawn' to it for years. it will be interesting reading your growth again into the artistic realm.

    5. I have a life drawing practice every week with others so it's harder to skip. And a music session once a week with others. So I do some art practice every day, even if it's gardening, or house fluffing, that counts too. It is the process that is so wonderful, the product is ethereal, it doesn't even accurately describe the process. So I hope you get to processing soon and enjoy every single minute. I know for me the time flies. I subscribe to the "do it for 10 minutes" a day adage. Ten minutes soon turns into ......

    6. Uninspired, you still inspire. "I’ll jackhammer a hole in that silence this week and see if I can let a little light into the darkness."

      I am still rolling that sentence around in my head. It tastes good.

    7. Not an artist here. But your photos are always such a wonderful blast of color, I know that you are an artist. No doubt. Your heart of color will bring it to your project. Have fun.


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