May 21, 2013

Something's Blooming

Something blooms, and in the air
sweet smelling blossoms bring forth
memories of lantana seizures, of
daisy scents that lead to steam tents, of
orange blossoms to IV prednisone, of
hives to hospitalizations.

My god has a wicked sense of humor.
Sparked by the endless list of
allergies that I count as mine
I sneeze and scratch while counting
blessings given by dust mites, chocolate,
perfumes, molds, eggplant, lamb,
inks, pollens, eggs, coconut, and fruit
not to mention magnesium, corn, and all those
touted whole grains that make me
double up in pain instead of feeling
bloomingly healthy.
Sometimes I give in and take them into my life,

  • Keeping those on the east coast and midwest in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Skipped gym, work, eat his turn to pick movie for movie night here now that NCIS has ended for the season.

  • Herself:  Yesterday I took the day off.  Today: Class, didn’t read.  Shop for lunch, post this with changes….and when did I post it before?  Teeth cleaning, read, fix dinner. Movie.

  • Reading:  Back to the Panama Canal.  I got washed away by the politics of it all.

  • Balance:  Going to class with two poems ready even if I wasn’t going to read.  Having time to eat, blog, and read before going to the dentist.



    1. Allergies are the worst! You seem to be a hog on this!

    2. That's a pretty neat poem. Ironic isn't it? To be allergic to beauty and sweet smells like that. Your god is wicked.

    3. Love the poem and I can actually smell that rose...

      No, we didn't eat at Hodad's at least this time as I had to have a fish taco or two... We did have lunch the day before at Tender Green's. It was great.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Great poem!! My irises bloomed this morning!!! I'm smiling!!!

    6. Loved this....."bloomingly healthy" was my favorite part!

    7. You sure took me in. A beautiful rose and then POW prednisone. Life is hard for those with alergies. Fortunately for me, I am very nearly perfect although many of my close family members suffer with asthema and other assorted delights.
      I am the queen of skin cancer. Doc cut out a big chunk of my arm yesterday with the comment "Usually these things are small."

      Typing not fun today. Dianne

    8. Great spirit.
      Hope you are rewarded with a painless visit to the dentist.


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