May 14, 2013

Thirty Years

Last night at the Brigantine with a chowder and salad to start.

I forgot.  

When I got home from the gym, he greeted me with a pair of silver earrings and a charming silver pin of a house along with a hug and a kiss.  But I got him nothing.  I forgot that it was our thirty-year anniversary.  Frankly, I’m very embarrassed.  I’m either dramatically changing the way I remember things or I am beginning the long slide into dementia.  I so hope not the latter.

We had a great day despite my embarrassment, and a delightful dinner out.  The delight didn’t mitigate the fact that I forgot this very important anniversary.  Starting this morning, I will look at the appointment book first before anything else.  Today it tells me I have school and a dental appointment at noon…for a broken crown.

The year we met in the tiny cottage by the sea.  The white bookcase to the left is in yesterday's photo.  The old Morris chair is in our living room today also.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Doesn’t say anything about how bad I have gotten.  Looking forward to both NCIS’s tonight.
  • Herself:  Very lumpish and embarrassed.  Determined not to forgot the 31st.
  • Reading:  ”My War,” Andy Rooney.
  • Balance:  Apologizing, letting go, and forming new habbits.


    1. Mazel tov! That is a lovely picture.

      I'm looking forward to tonight's NCIS too. I think that, if Gibbs needs legal help, M. Allison Hart said she thinks she could beat it. (She was talking about the shooting in Mexico after Shannon and Kelly were killed, but she is a pretty smart lawyer.)

    2. Happy Anniversary. At least he remembered. Cut yourself some slack. Follow your advice on balance. I love that insight on finding balance.

    3. Happy anniversary!
      Aloha from Hawaii.

    4. Happy anniversary, take it easy on yourself. I just had some testing for dementia and I don't have it, even though I don't seem to be able remember things like my grands middle names. My short term memory has always been lacking. Being tired and stressed makes it worse. Hugs to you both, you have each other and that's quite a gift.

    5. Ha Ha. I can't never remember our anniversary date. You and I prove that it isn't always husbands who forget.

      Happy Anniversary to both of you and may you have many more years of happiness.

      David and I had physical exams today. Both in A-1 shape. Keep losing weight the doc says to me and tells David to gain weight.

      We are like Jack Sprat and his wife. Love to you both.

      Dianne and David

      PS yes it was hot where Richard lives. Wendy took off for Hawaii for a long "Mother's Day" weekend with her girlfriends. Richard stayed home with the boys.

    6. I have this thing about exact dates. I think it is enough to get a date 'around the date' and celebrate. For years )before it became my granddaughter's birthday) I forgot our anniversary. It does not mean I love him any less...just not exactly! Happy Anniversary and you both look just as happy today!

    7. Awww.. forgetting dates happens to all of us. Try not to let it bother you overly much. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. You both look very happy.

    8. Congratulations! It is such an accomplishment. Poor dear about forgetting. My husband and I always try and give each other a hint a few days beforehand, deptending on who remembers. If not and we/he/I forget... doesn't matter. Anyways, I tip my hat to you.

    9. I took some photos of roses ala Mage Bailey. Not as beautiful as yours, but I was thinking of you. D~

    10. Better you than him:)
      How splendid you both look.
      Many congratulations.

    11. Congratulations on 30 years. You can celebrate on 30 years and one month and surprise him with a small gift and dinner out next month. Your photo is both look very happy together.

    12. Thirty years with the same man can make any woman crazy causing all kinds of memory lapses. Ask Hubby. I don't remember my name sometimes. (We've been married almost 48 years--May 30.) Here's to a happy and less forgetful 31st year together! That's why you have G, to remind you of the important things!


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