May 23, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

1962, Lessa at a La Cienega Gallery, Photo PAH.
Tomorrow Lessa will be graduating with a double AA degree from Palomar college’s fire program.  I cannot tell you how proud we all are of her and for her. 

She did life her way.  For many years.  Her long journey ended her in a battered women’s shelter and sober house.  It’s amazing she survived.  This addict, alcoholic, mother of five fought her way from homelessness, addictions, and the horrors of PTSD to a wonderful place in the world.  At fifty, she is starting a truly brave new life. 

Tomorrow I will bring a box of Kleenex to wipe my teary eyes as she takes a diploma from the giant jaws of defeat and death.  Even her father, never much a part of the kids life and now dying of pancreatic cancer, has driven out with his wife from Arizona.  You bet her crowd of friends will all have cameras in hand and words of love and praise for this wondrous journey she has begun. 

1967, Lessa, right, and her sister.  Photo PAH.

1977, Lessa, right, and her sister Lenora’s graduation from grade school, Joleen’s house.  Photographer unknown.

1987, Lessa not doing to well.  Photo: MGH.

2009, Lessa and Zoe.

2013, Georgette and Lessa.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  He’s so funny.  I drove the truck, and I came out to the car in the same handicapt parking spot….with it’s tags.  Gym, work, dinner.  Move: Snow White and the Huntsman.  The wicked witch was really wicked, and there was some truly beautiful sceens.

  • Herself:  Yesterday, worked extra hard to get old books off the shelves and fill the shelves up again.  Today: Pool, write about Lessa, work on drawing, by dinner.

  • Reading:  Just finished skimming a beautiful tho dated book on the Library of Congress.  The last owner was a smoker.

  • Balance:  Letting go of my Ex.  He’s down to 125 now.  Think of the G and how good life has been since we met.

    1. So much in common. Connie is burned out after one year of teaching special needs kids (its the parents and paperwork, not the kids).

      She says to stay sober she needs to do something different. She is enrolled in a Latin program this summer and hopes to teach it next year. Life goes on.

      Congrats to Lessa. Wonderful daughter and I love her hair.

      My doc took chunk out of my arm. Results next week. She said it looked "big" for a Basal cell carcinoma. 7 external stitches and more inside. No pain unless I whack it on something. Lots of blood.

      Got the book and David began reading. Thanks so much. Dianne

    2. I love the photos. Congratulations to your daughter for her hard fight and good luck to her as well. I'm sorry to hear about your husband is facing the same battle right now too.

    3. A wonderful post. So much to celebrate. Joy everywhere. I'm happy for you.

    4. Your post brought tears to my eyes. My heart sings for your daughter and her rightfully proud mama.

    5. Yes, my eyes water as you see this transition in your life, your daughter and her successes and your ex and his battles and still you stand strong and see clearly. Pop the bubbly...of any stripe.

    6. Congratulations to Lessa! She's a role model for young women: you can make it if you truly want it.

    7. What a wonderful accomplishment to bring herself this far. You must be fiercely proud. Congrats to you all.

    8. You do have so much to be proud of in Lessa. I know she doesn't know me from Adam, but I'm proud of her, too. She is a blessed woman! (And she's got a great mom!).

    9. Hugs from me too - hugs for all of you.

    10. Really loved seeing the pictures. I was wondering about that painting behind Lessa in the 1987 photo. Who did it? I really like it a lot.


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